Thursday, November 30, 2006

A very spoilt Vik!

My goodies to Argentina and Vik finally arrived!!! I am so excited and happy and just glad Vik is happy!!

Spoiling Vik!
2 Rings
1 Gorgeous satin(y) handbag
1 Notecards
1 Angel pen
1 Candle holder
1 Packet of asst beads
1 Hand made and decorated box (see below)

1 Crocheted bowl
3 Nescafe Espresso
3 Nescafe Latte
1 Box Lipton Apple and Cinnamon

1 Photo album
1 Pkt beetle cutters
1 Beaded purse
1 Pkt mini ladybug beads
1 Creative Knitting mag
1 Patons Babytime vintage crochet/knit
1 Lovatts Sudoku
1 Rescue Me novel
1 Decorated box
1 Noel ornament
1 Beaded angel
1 Pair earrings
1 Door decoration
2 Pks stickers
1 Plush toy in mini mug
1 Pkt christmas tree confetti (sprinkled through the box hehe)

1 Boomerang
1 Bottle eucalyptus oil
1 "Canned Koala" toy
1 Australian wildflower tea towel
1 Norseman pin
1 Aboriginal string art bookmark
1 Tube emu oil

And last but not least
1 Catnip mouse


Michelle said...

Everything looks great, Shell! - (items and blog entry). It is lovely to see how happy Vik is with her goodies, I am glad you joined the exchange :)

-- Michelle

Vik said...

Here I am, THE LUCKY GIRL! ;)
Shell you were Elf, Fairy Godmother, Santa and Three Kings all together!!!
Your pics are better than mine! But I was in a hurry yesterday night and I couldn´t wait to post about it at the Ville!

Shell said...

Vik you are so welcome :) yes i took very detailed pics as I wanted to remeber it all. I even took a separate pic of Kitty's mouse but Blogger wouldn't let me post it!! lol

I hope you're ableto repair the blue box. No big deal if you can't!