Thursday, November 23, 2006


Today started as a good day. The sun was shining, even though Jessi was up early she happily watched a dvd in her room and let me sleep a little more. I got up and showered and put on some clean cotton PJ's as it is so hot and I plan on going no where today because of the heat. I had just finished getting dressed when I heard the postie. I went outside, hair dripping all down my back, to check the mail. One item in my letter box, a coveted little red card indicating I had a parcel to collect at the Post Office. No biggie, I am expecting a thing or two. Then I saw "International Registered". The box marked indicating what kind of parcel it was. I raced inside.
"Jessi? Put some shorts on, quick! We have to go to the post office" and I am wilding pulling through clothes to find something to wear while holding a pair of shorts for Jess in my other hand.
"But why mum?"
"Jess, just put these on please, c'mon, quickly!"
She complies, I pick up a a brush and tug it through my hair, still dripping all over the place! Jessi's hair is everywhere and her face is all grubby and she has no shoes on and off we go to the car. When we got to the Post Office she didn't want to get out. Now, it's very hot here and I didn't want to leave her there. But she refused to budge! So I turned the power back on (not the ignition, just the power) and let the cd play and looked at her sternly "if you need me, come get me! Don't stay here and get too hot". Yeah, whatever mum was the look I got, as well as an "I will". I raced inside. There were 2 people in front of me and it felt like it took forever to get to the counter. Not to mention I was a little worried about Jess being in the car (she does it a lot, but not in this heat). My friend Zara works there and she got my package out of the cupboard and gave me the collection book to sign. Then the phone rang. And I knew this had to be scanned to end the tracking process before I could take it away. I was getting really edgy!! I just wanted to get home and explore :D finally, back to the car. Jessi says "I didn't scratch or anything" and was very proud of herself for that. She likes this 'Lil Miss Independence' stuff. Then she notices the post satchel! "Is there presents in there? For you and me? Maybe I got a pink skirt! There might be clothes for both of us. I wonder what's in there. Can we open it?". I barely got a chance to respond. She was so excited!

When we got home I found my video camera and told Jessi to go jump up on my bed and we'd open it. No arguments there! As soon as I tipped it all out "is this for me?". She of course got to open the first present. Vik had individually wrapped almost everything! While she was opening the first of many little pressies, I picked up one of the paper garlands and sat there like a child opening it and closing it. Watching it transform from a flat wad of paper to a bright rainbow coloured streamer. So cool!

Photos? Of course!! Here comes..
Jessi and her pink handbag (PLEASE EXCUSE THE MESS!) She looks unhappy but she was really just talking. She loves it!

Pretty Crayons!! These are some kind of hollow wood filled with crayon. Jessi's words were something like "wow! my new crayons!!" They're so lovely! To be honest, I wouldn't have expected them to come through customs! They're all textured and natural on the outside. Now.. do I let the baby keep them to use? hmm.. lol

- 1 very large hank of the brightest rainbow coloured cotton (?)
- 2 packs of paper
- 1 sheet of face stickers (eyes, mouths etc) (Jessi's)
- a brochure with a map of Argentina
- a license plate with Jessica's name
- a pink knitted handbag/purse for Jessi
- 2 knitted doll hats (Jessi's)
- a sheet of Christmas gift tags featuring an unknown animal. i did look up wikipedia trying to work out what it was!
- 2 beautiful and bright paper garlands (probably be strung up in Jessi's room)
- 2 knitted mini stockings for the xmas tree
- a tiny hand sewn bag with 24 "nacar" buttons inside
- a Salsa cd
- Vik's own creation of a flower pin and a circle motif bracelet (including hand drawn suggestions to wear them)
- a box of love
- crayons. the most unusual crayons I have ever see! in some kind of hollow wood they have poured crayon. so cool! (Jessi's)
- a fish ring (Jessi's)
- a very traditional looking pin featuring a man and a woman. Vik says it is said to be lucky in finding a man (yes, I need ALL the help I can get! lol)
- a tiny angel and dog polymer clay decorations that were stuck beside our names on 2 of the pressies

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Too pretty to open! . . . . . Bracelet and flower pin
. . . . . . . . . . . . . (and instructions on how to
. . . . . . . . . . . . . wear it)
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Pin for good luck in love . . Hand sewn bag with buttons!

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Opening pressies! . . . Look how hapy she is!!


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Vik said...

You´re very welcome, Shell & Jessie! I enjoyed your e-mail today, and now your post here! I´m so happy you both liked everything!

About the hank, it´s 200 grams and yes, it´s 100% cotton, and the colors are hand dyed. It´s from a very nice store. Can´t wait to see what you´ll do with it!

I´ll write you and e-mail, or this comment will be too long!