Sunday, February 28, 2010

LaDiDa Tada!

Woohoo, another layout! All my stuff is kinda simple.. like REALLY simple.. The more I look online for inspiration the more I realise just how much I suck at this scrapbooking thing. But oh well! I decided I like and today found a really great layout there that I just adored, so I scraplifted it. It's from this post. I wanted to add some charms or something but my container is missing! OH NO!! I used Kaisercraft's LaDiDa range again, the 12"x12" papers, 6" pad, embellishment pack (tulip grosgrain ribbon) and Kaiser pearls. The piece of lace and plain white ribbon are from a super large stash ;) There are some benifits to multicrafts!!!
I can't date the photo as it's a rare print off I have of a whoooooooole lot of photos I lost on a thumbdrive sometime last year. I mean ALL my pics! The only ones I saved were those saved to the HDD of the old laptop and those on the newer computer. I am so disappointed and now have 0 faith in thumbdrives! But back to the pic, it was taken on the deck of a friends house while babysitting for her one day. I am actually thinking now I should have used the B&W photo not the coloured one. No mind. :)

The Docks

Photos taken while walking from the E-Shed Markets to the Maritime Musem in Fremantle, WA. Jessica really enjoyed watching the tug boats haul and turn the ship. Papers are Kaisercraft Offshore collection, Q1 Offshore samples from the magazine and the compass is from the Q2 Pack Your Bags samples from the Kaisercraft magazine.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The real story lies at her feet

Oh look, there's that photo again! *lol* I FINALLY got it scrapped, which was my intention all along. I just couldn't get it to work. A kind of pea green Bazzil cardstock, Kaiser pearls, Kaiser LaDiDa papers; 6" pad, and rub ons. The title of this post is what is written on the label. As much as I like the photo, the story of this statue is so very important. Not only to British and Australian history, but in world history. The way in which these children were bought to Australia, their treatment when they arrive... ALLL KINDS OF WRONG! I believe Britain has just apologised.. in 2009. Hmm...!!! There is actually a man in our town who was one of these kids. The photo lifts back and the photo of the plaque, location and date etc is all tucked underneath. I use a lot of hidden journalling on my pages. Do I mention this page took me TWO very long evenings? I wanted to use so much more from the LaDiDa range, like the cute lil birds.. Layering is not my thing apparently...

Jess had a birthday party at the pool yesterday and she finally got to show off her new found confidence and skills learned in swimming lessons over the summer holidays.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Woohoo, finally getting some stuff finished. Isn't it just a disgusting feeling when you've had UFO's sitting about and you can't get motivated to touch them? Well.. it is for me!! The photo is of Jessica at the Fremantle Maritime Musuem during our most recent trip to Perth to see her specialists. The statues are in thanks to the children of Britain bought to Australia. There is a story behind it all, very sad. If you ever get a chance watch the movie "The Leaving of Liverpool". A LONG moving but it needed to be to tell the story :(

My sweetie's fave colour is deep purple so for Valentines day I started tatting him Heart's Desire (pattern page 1 & 2). As soon as I decided I wanted to tat him something, again with the personal symbology, I knew I wanted to re-tat Heart's Desire. Unfortunatly it got way too hot and my rings wouldn't close so I had to set it aside. I'd had the card and started this at the beginning for Feb but it only went in the mail (express!) yesterday. I don't expect much of a reaction as a piece of lace wouldn't be every mans wishlist topper, but I don't care. He might see the symbology as I do ;) Tatted with shuttles and 2 strands of Anchor embroidery thread. Australian $1 coin for comparison.

As mentioned last post, 2 finished library bags. One for my cousin Eli with cute lil rocket ships all over and one for my coworkers daughter Georgina. Eli's has twill tape and Georgina's ribbon handles.

Jessica has once more been invited to the birthday of her twin friends Georgie and Charlotte (who will sadly be leaving at the end of this year) and we bought them each a My Little Pony as I didn't have time for handcrafted gifts. I made them a card each though. I actually wanted Jessica to make the cards, but she wouldn't. Patterned paper is from Kaisercraft's LaDiDa range, plus some Bazzil cardstock and the corrugated paper I have had for YEARS n YEARS!! The stickers came off a really cheap and nasty sticker sheet, but worked nicely on the cards and I imagine the little yellow flower brads are Franchville but I can't be certain as again, they've been in my stash a super long time!!

Back in Nov my cousin and his girlfriend welcomed twin boys into the world. They were living in the eastern states of Australia at the time but are now not only back in WA, but back in our town to be close to family. I just adore this photo of Jessica and Damian.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I am alive

Ok ok, so I am probably the worlds best procrastinator. I do love you dear blog.. and I do mean to come and update you, I just get distracted or something! Probably more the "or something". I have left it far too long between updates and now have a backlog of things but I wont be posting them all. I have been busing sewing and scrapping, a tiny bit of tatting and not much else really.

Jessica has just turned 7, I am still in disbelief. My sister has announced a wedding date and I, well.. I am completely smitten!

Can you believe, I actually had a real Valentines Day this year?! Ok, so Valentines might be over-hyped and commercial but I'll tell you what.. I felt like someone's princess for the day and be it Valentines or any other date on the calendar, it was delightful!!!!!!! I bought this butterfly as it kind of symbolises this relationship to me. Not sure how he feels about a butterfly ;)

I just love this photo of my cousins little girl (therefore, my 2nd cousin) Shylah-Rose. She was a very wee babe when I took this. Papers are Lily Kate by Basic Grey. No idea what setting my camera was on cos this is kinda grainy! So is the next one.

My gorgeous girl playing on some climbing structure thingy in Fremantle. Papers are Fun in the Sun by Kaiser. Rubons are also Kasier, flowers too probably and the diamontes are Kaiser (Kaiser is all you can buy here!).

I loved this photo the minute I took it, I didn't plan on having Alexander flying through the air! Nanna and I were both asking the kids to sit/stand still so we could get a pic. Needless to say, they didn't listen! It looks awesome though. No idea what I was thinking as I scrapped these.. I was a bit distracted with chatting on MSN and when I woke up the next morn and looked at it I was horrified. The buttons, the safety pin.. umm?!!? So I added the tiny orange eyelets and an extra button or two to fill in some spaces and a few swirls with a Sharpie. I don't like this page, but it works. Must admit, "boy" layouts aren't really my thing! Papers are Basic Grey's Hang 10 and the diecuts are from the Q2 Kaiser magazine's Rewind samples.

We did manage to get them to sit, eventually!

Now, argue I have too much time on your hands if you like, but I scrapbooked all of Jessica's scrapbooks today... I dunno. I just wanted to. My fave is the blue/green heart one. My least fave the circles. Ok, so it wasn't the best idea but she LOVES it! It was a great excuse to go through my bags of scraps, and also to use some of those "old" papers like the Dena Designs I've been holding onto for YEARS but never quite knowing how to use. I also finished 2 library bags (sewing) but I will post them next time as I have no pics.

Back in November I had the honour of being bridesmaid for one of my best friends. Congratulations to Karen and Jesus. Kaz had a very "hand made" wedding. It was just lovely! Jessica was her flower girl too, for which I am so thankful! Karen's mum sewed her dress and the boleros, I sewed the 2 bridesmaids dresses and the flower girl dress, Vanessa (the other bridesmaid) decorated the cake, Kaz made the flower arrangements for the tables and other things. It was small, it was quick, and it was just gorgeous. The photos were heaps of fun too!

So much more to say and things to share but it can wait for another day :)
Hands down, the reason I am so slack to update my blog is simply because Bloggers photo uploading and arranging is PURE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!