Thursday, November 30, 2006

A very spoilt Vik!

My goodies to Argentina and Vik finally arrived!!! I am so excited and happy and just glad Vik is happy!!

Spoiling Vik!
2 Rings
1 Gorgeous satin(y) handbag
1 Notecards
1 Angel pen
1 Candle holder
1 Packet of asst beads
1 Hand made and decorated box (see below)

1 Crocheted bowl
3 Nescafe Espresso
3 Nescafe Latte
1 Box Lipton Apple and Cinnamon

1 Photo album
1 Pkt beetle cutters
1 Beaded purse
1 Pkt mini ladybug beads
1 Creative Knitting mag
1 Patons Babytime vintage crochet/knit
1 Lovatts Sudoku
1 Rescue Me novel
1 Decorated box
1 Noel ornament
1 Beaded angel
1 Pair earrings
1 Door decoration
2 Pks stickers
1 Plush toy in mini mug
1 Pkt christmas tree confetti (sprinkled through the box hehe)

1 Boomerang
1 Bottle eucalyptus oil
1 "Canned Koala" toy
1 Australian wildflower tea towel
1 Norseman pin
1 Aboriginal string art bookmark
1 Tube emu oil

And last but not least
1 Catnip mouse

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


When Jess went to bed last night, she ouldn't find Eve. Her fave doll that she was given by nanna the day she was born. She doesn't usually fuss about having something to sleep with, but last night she got so upset that Eve couldn't be found. I opened her toy box and right on top was this teddy. Now, his colours aren't to appealing, his hands all sewn wrong, his eyes glued on uneven. But you will never find another teddy made with such love. I sewed this teddy, many moons ago. It took me days!! I am not a very good sewer but I do enjoy it. The fabric was scraps from someone elses stash, the felt for the eyes some nanna had, the button nose from nannas sewing box (it's a self-cover button I bit hard to squish to an oval shape). Most important, he is Jessi's. I made him for her when she was very small and I sewed him with such love formy daughter. He isn't perfect but Jessica loves him. He's nice and squishy and soft, no sharp pieces, no annoying shop tags. He's been away in the toybox so long I forgot he was there. Jessi was so happy to take him to bed last night. "i love him" she said as she cuddled him tight and rolled over to sleep. I love him too Jessi, I love you too xxx

Yes I sewed "made with love 4 Jessica Rose, Mummy, 07.2004" and a big heart on his backside so she will always know I made him for her, and when.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the countdown has started

Christmas is fast coming, and I am slowly getting a few things finished. Very slowly I might add! I was bored during my last week in the shop. Why I don't know as I was crafting for Vik's exchange, and to send something to Shell and such. But anyway, I found oneof the small Pringles tins that Jessi had finished with. She'd eaten all the crisps and left the tin laying about. The lid was all squished. It looked like she bent it in half and bit it. That put a dampner on my plans as I wanted to scrap on the 'tin'. Then I realised I could mask that problem rather easily. The plan was born, a tin to tell my mum just how proud of her I am.

Here's what it now looks like. I wish I got a before photo. Just cos! lol. I am sure you all know what a Pringles container looks like!!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The large flower on top is to cover up Jessi's damage to to tin. It looked too dull so I brightened it up with some glitter. I love glitter :D The words on the tin read "when I think of you" and inside I will write how mum makes me feel. Well... the good stuff anyways!! :D I am not sure how I will do the inside yet. I have a few ideas in mind.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Last night I started this gorgeous butterfly. Thank you Helen for linking me the

pattern. I started it right away! I have another butterfly I started earlier in the week still missing the upper wing on one side! lol. Talk about short attention span. I hope to make a couple more butterflies and gift them to my friend Helen who's nanna's cottons these were (different Helen to who linked me). I am not sure if she will understand the gift, that they are a kind of keepsake from her nannas items. But that's no matter. Jessi adores the butterfly so I will probably have to make some and stiffen them, then hang from the ceiling in her room. This particular flutterbye was really quick and easy to make. That's why the other is missing one half of a wing, it wasn't so easy! I will hopefully finish it tonight. Since you can't see the tape very well, the butterfly is about 10.5" across (yes, that's inches)!!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Shell just yelled at me :( But it was a friendly helpful yell to "TURN OFF YOUR COMMENT MODERATION!"

Comment moderation? What's that? No one comments on my blog anyhow!

Ooops... apparently they do, and I just didn't know it!! To those of you who have left comments, thank you sooo much! You can now see them! lol So can everyone else ;)

Heather I did have trouble finding a useable blog name!! Who'd have thought. But I guess since one person can have a lot of blogs it's easy done. I am glad I learnt to tat and I am ever so grateful to a special lady at Crochetville for her coaching these last few weeks!!

Lucy, thank you for your comments also :) I read a lot of your blog when I joined the Bookmark Exchange! I stole one of those questionaires you did and used in it my Y360 blog. I should put it here!

Vik.. you're gorgeous, I love ya! You're not going to believe how spoilt you're about to be! dear Shell *hugs* What a great pal you are! I am so glad Crochetville bought us togehter!!!

Pancy I know you're itching to get started in a bookmark exchange, I hope it happens soon!!

I never imagined I could meet so many wonderful people in one place! You're all fantastic ladies and I am lucky to know each and every one of you, and more!

Bye bye for now :D


Today started as a good day. The sun was shining, even though Jessi was up early she happily watched a dvd in her room and let me sleep a little more. I got up and showered and put on some clean cotton PJ's as it is so hot and I plan on going no where today because of the heat. I had just finished getting dressed when I heard the postie. I went outside, hair dripping all down my back, to check the mail. One item in my letter box, a coveted little red card indicating I had a parcel to collect at the Post Office. No biggie, I am expecting a thing or two. Then I saw "International Registered". The box marked indicating what kind of parcel it was. I raced inside.
"Jessi? Put some shorts on, quick! We have to go to the post office" and I am wilding pulling through clothes to find something to wear while holding a pair of shorts for Jess in my other hand.
"But why mum?"
"Jess, just put these on please, c'mon, quickly!"
She complies, I pick up a a brush and tug it through my hair, still dripping all over the place! Jessi's hair is everywhere and her face is all grubby and she has no shoes on and off we go to the car. When we got to the Post Office she didn't want to get out. Now, it's very hot here and I didn't want to leave her there. But she refused to budge! So I turned the power back on (not the ignition, just the power) and let the cd play and looked at her sternly "if you need me, come get me! Don't stay here and get too hot". Yeah, whatever mum was the look I got, as well as an "I will". I raced inside. There were 2 people in front of me and it felt like it took forever to get to the counter. Not to mention I was a little worried about Jess being in the car (she does it a lot, but not in this heat). My friend Zara works there and she got my package out of the cupboard and gave me the collection book to sign. Then the phone rang. And I knew this had to be scanned to end the tracking process before I could take it away. I was getting really edgy!! I just wanted to get home and explore :D finally, back to the car. Jessi says "I didn't scratch or anything" and was very proud of herself for that. She likes this 'Lil Miss Independence' stuff. Then she notices the post satchel! "Is there presents in there? For you and me? Maybe I got a pink skirt! There might be clothes for both of us. I wonder what's in there. Can we open it?". I barely got a chance to respond. She was so excited!

When we got home I found my video camera and told Jessi to go jump up on my bed and we'd open it. No arguments there! As soon as I tipped it all out "is this for me?". She of course got to open the first present. Vik had individually wrapped almost everything! While she was opening the first of many little pressies, I picked up one of the paper garlands and sat there like a child opening it and closing it. Watching it transform from a flat wad of paper to a bright rainbow coloured streamer. So cool!

Photos? Of course!! Here comes..
Jessi and her pink handbag (PLEASE EXCUSE THE MESS!) She looks unhappy but she was really just talking. She loves it!

Pretty Crayons!! These are some kind of hollow wood filled with crayon. Jessi's words were something like "wow! my new crayons!!" They're so lovely! To be honest, I wouldn't have expected them to come through customs! They're all textured and natural on the outside. Now.. do I let the baby keep them to use? hmm.. lol

- 1 very large hank of the brightest rainbow coloured cotton (?)
- 2 packs of paper
- 1 sheet of face stickers (eyes, mouths etc) (Jessi's)
- a brochure with a map of Argentina
- a license plate with Jessica's name
- a pink knitted handbag/purse for Jessi
- 2 knitted doll hats (Jessi's)
- a sheet of Christmas gift tags featuring an unknown animal. i did look up wikipedia trying to work out what it was!
- 2 beautiful and bright paper garlands (probably be strung up in Jessi's room)
- 2 knitted mini stockings for the xmas tree
- a tiny hand sewn bag with 24 "nacar" buttons inside
- a Salsa cd
- Vik's own creation of a flower pin and a circle motif bracelet (including hand drawn suggestions to wear them)
- a box of love
- crayons. the most unusual crayons I have ever see! in some kind of hollow wood they have poured crayon. so cool! (Jessi's)
- a fish ring (Jessi's)
- a very traditional looking pin featuring a man and a woman. Vik says it is said to be lucky in finding a man (yes, I need ALL the help I can get! lol)
- a tiny angel and dog polymer clay decorations that were stuck beside our names on 2 of the pressies

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Too pretty to open! . . . . . Bracelet and flower pin
. . . . . . . . . . . . . (and instructions on how to
. . . . . . . . . . . . . wear it)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Pin for good luck in love . . Hand sewn bag with buttons!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Opening pressies! . . . Look how hapy she is!!


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday Gift Exchange - Sent!

Yes yes yes!! I finally posted my Holiday Gift Exchange parcel. Boy what an adventure that was! The US$25 minimum limit was well surpassed!! That worked out to about AUD$34 and I spent give or take $100. Add to that $78.80 postage... gee!! lol That's almost what I spend on Jessi for xmas. I posted it Express International but no one actually told me how long that will take. I wouldn't imagine any more than 2 weeks. My package weighed 2.9 something kilo's! I had to remove one thing from the parcel as it went over 3kg lol. I hope Vik likes it. I sure had fun putting it together. It was a little stressful too, I must admit. Always worrying that I didn't have enough, that she might not like it etc.

On another note, I had someone on Crochetville private message me yesterday for my address. She had read my Holiday Wishlist and PM'd me to say she wanted to hurry and send a dress she bought for Jessi, and therefore asked me directly. I was in tears! I mean, I wrote that list NEVER expecting anyone would actually send me anything. I was so overjoyed!!! She says she bought the dress too! I would have happily taken 2nd hand or home made. She really made my day, and I haven't even seen the garment! There was a comment about some things for me too I think, I kinda stopped reading after she mentioned the dress. There are people in this world so wonderful, and it is small moments like this that remind me so.

I bought something to send from another Holiday Wishlist requests, only I don't know if I can afford the postage. That really upsets me. This time of year is so tight financially but I'd love to make someone else's day. I guess next pay I will just go without a few things to ensure it gets sent. There is no point buying it for them and never sending it. If I could send it surface mail it wouldn't be quite so costly, but the last surface mail I sent took 2 months and not the 4 weeks I was told it would. I know the holidays really clog up the postal systems world wide, so I imagine surface mail would be even slower? Who knows, I'm not gonna risk it. I want to send some xmas cards and such too. Some of my friends don't have wishlists and I'd rather surprise them with the cards so I am not sure how I will work around that one! I never send xmas cards, and here I am planning a dozen or so to go international! lol. Madness. It just goes to show what good friends I have made through Crochetville!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I sent my first RAOK

RAOK is the Crochetville abbreviation for Random Act of Kindness. I sent my first one last week and it arrived today so now I can post about it.

Since joining Crochetville I have met some of the most amazing people. One I am in contact with almost daily is another Michelle, in Sydney. She's sent me my first RAOK and RAOK'ing her was kind of by accident. She was having some problems with ideas for her Holiday Gift Exchange and I offered to make her something to send to her giftee. Well... why send a package with just one item in? So, I got to work and made Shell a box which I filled with small goodies. A notebook and an angel pen, a beaded safety pin angel I made, a fun "kiddie" fairy stamp, a jeweled elephant ornament, my fave incense (Shell and I share more than just a name in common so I thought she may like it).. Hmm.. oh! Some stitch marker "blanks" I made. Basically just the top question mark shaped part of a stitch marker for Shell to decorate as she pleases. I think that was all. Anyway, since Shell didn't know I was sending her anything she is really happy!

Thinking of it now, I managed to include a lot of her likes. I knew she liked elephants as she'd said so in a recent IM and that's why the elephant, a dragonfly sticker on her pink box as pink is her fave colour and she likes winged things, the pink angel was cos of it being pink and the pen was cos you can't have a notepad without a pen! It didn't even click at the time that her user id on Crochetville is Angel and that we'd discussed our angel obsession before. The stamp was a last minute throw in simply cos I could and then just days after I sent it we had a discussion about faeries! Wow... I did well and didn't even know it :) YAY!

I'm glad I made your day Shell, thank you for making mine more than once!

Friday, November 17, 2006

My first exchange - COMPLETE

I am so very excited. My first EVER exchange has just been completed. Door closed, is no more. Kinda sad in a way but omg was it such fun! Even if I have spent the last 2 months stressing about where my package was and feeling so guilty that I got Heathers package so soon but I had sent hers so slow!!!

I sent Heather the compulsory bookmark (starfish by Cupcake at Crochetville) and a book. Also included were 2 postcards, 1 Australian flag patch, 1 sheet of stickers, 1 novelty boomerang with Australian Aboriginal designs, 1 crochet needle case, 1 tin of Billy Tea, 1 Lovatts Arrowords pockey book, a small bag of polished gemstones and a brochure about my town. It feels as though there wasn't much at all in there but Heather sounds over the moon and that's all I care about! I was certainly overwhelmed with her package!! I love the Great Bookmark Exchange, mostly as I can now participate as I please and there is nothing exceedingly hard about it.

Heather sent us a book, TWO bookmarks (I love the turtle!!), a pin cushion, a bookmark from her trip to Norway she took just as our exchange began, an original "Heather" design trinket box combining cross stitch and crochet AND recycling, a cradle purse with the sweetest doll inside, a tooth keeper for when Jess starts needing one, a cute handbag for Jessi a lovely letter and a magazine which has a design Heather submitted inside. I, yes ME, got to exchange with someone who has published works! That's pretty cool in my book. Oh, I almost forgot, there are 3 pins inside the trinket box! One for British Columbia, one for Heather's town and one for the Winter Olympics in Canada in a few years time. What lovely keepsakes these will become.

Now, to finish off my Holiday Gift Exchange!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tatted Edgings

I made these edgings a while back now. Blogger hasn't let me post the photo until recently!! The white edging is more an insertion lace and I had a plan in mind for making a top and was going to use the insertion as a band under the bust as well as the shoulder straps. I might get back to it one day, but for now I am over it. It was size 10 cotton too which is really quite "chunky" to tat with. The others are sixe 20 cotton. Probably considered too heavy as well but I quite like the size and texture it creates.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I hate secrets!!

I have been crafting for the Holiday Gift Exchange over at Crochetville and all I want to do is take photos of my finished items to post. I can't until my friend gets her items! This is an odd feeling for me as I don't usually give much away, and when I do it's handed to the recipient. This posting it and waiting is all new to me.

Like my Great Bookmark Exchange partner Heather. Poor dear sent her parcel priority and it got to me from Canada in 3 days! Hers was posted almost 2 months ago and nothing. It's really eating away at me. I want to send her a copy of the photo I took before mailing!!

Quite frankly, keeping secrets sux! And I am not sure how much longer I can hold out...

Paper Boxes

I made these boxes earlier this year with Mothers Day in mind. They didn't sell but everyone comments on them. Typical huh! Everyone wants to admire and handle but not buy. Oh well, no great loss cos I like them and I can give them away.

The boxes are entirely hand made starting with matting board offcuts from a picture framers (gotta love freebies). That's held together with brown paper tape cos that stuff is so strong. No, it isn't brown masking tape lol. It's about $12 a roll and again it's stuff they use in picture framers. Once the boxes were made up I decorate them in paper, cardstock, ribbons, lace, rick rack, silk flowers, stickers, paint, chalk, ink, brads, split pins, metal charms/embellishments etc etc etc

I made one for a friends birthday this April past. I will have to ask her to photograph it for me, and the doily that was inside it!! It was a last minute rush job before going to Perth for her bday so I never got pics. She loves it though :D I hope to make some more boxes soon, and to get back into my scrapbooking. So much to do and so lil time in the day!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Learn Tatting - Achieved

I stole this old post from my Yahoo blog (private) that I wrote at the time I taught myself to tat. The entry is dated May 22, 06.

"Monday last week I decided I wanted to learn the art of "tatting". I spent much of the day roaming websites trying to understand just what they were doing with that thread. By Monday night I had a basic understanding and had completed a small motif. By the early hours of Thursday morning I had completed the dark blue seahorse. I stayed up way past my point of tired just to finish it! I was so determined!! At the time I didn't have the correct tool and was using wedges of cardboard to keep the thread in line. Luckily Thursday saw me heading to Kalgoorlie for a dental appt so while there I bought a couple of shuttles and some new thread, just cos! (I have a lot of thread from my crochet *lol*).

Yesterday (Sunday) I completed a the second seahorse (teal) in a much shorter time frame. My better understanding of the task at hand and the use of the appropriate tool made the job so much more rewarding. It didn't feel so frustrating everytime the thread snagged, cos it wasn't snagging! Plus the hook on the end of the tool (shuttle) was so much easier than trying to juggle 2 separate threads and a crochet hook all at once!! :D

Mum, nanna and the like keep asking "what are you going to do with them" and I must glow like those little Fire-Dudes in the movie the Labyrinth who swap their heads and facial features endlessly. Soooo many posibilities!! Appliques on clothes, motifs for linen/card making/scrapbooking, starch them and hang as ornaments/mobiles, smaller items can be jewellry and of course patterns I am yet to attempt are the more traditional doileys and lace edges. Well, I am proud of me today even though the little heart looks completely wrong! I misjudged the amount of thread needed and struggled to finish it.

PS. Ash, the lil lavandar flowers were just for you! (now I am even spelling it like you, gosh!!) :D :D"

Ash is a very good friend of mine in the USA. We met through and it's nice offering support and advice to a very mature teen. Sometimes I worry she should be getting help closer to home, but I'm just glad she is getting the RIGHT advice, as opposed to all the things kids tell each other and believe it all to be true. Anyway, Ash's fave colour is Lavendar, which she spells lavandar just cos she can!

Tatting was rather difficult to grasp by not seeing someone do it. By reading words, seeing pictures and a video image (so small!!) online I managed to work it out, but it took a while. Ok, so it took a day! I'm just lucky I grasp things fast. If I hadn't seen the video I'd still be struggling. It was seeing that they pulled the thread with the opposite hand that I got the whole "click/snap" thing. I really love the results of tatting and as frustrating as I find not being able to frog it, I am really addicted :D

This is an engaement card I created for a school friend of my sister. The heart pattern was found online somehwere then it is basicaly cardstock, ribbons, silk flowers, a brad/split pin and a metal photo corner. I found a really fitting quote to put inside and voila! I'm really pleased with this, although gluing the heart to the cardstock posed a bit of a problem *hehe*

Left VS Right

It came out pretty even. I wonder if that's good or bad... lol

You Are 55% Left Brained, 45% Right Brained
The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.
The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.
Are You Right or Left Brained?

New Clothes

It's official, Jessi thinks she is the be all and end all. Well, of course she is! But now she thinks when ever I pick up a crochet hook I am making something for her lil self!! Here is why... First off, a yellow top. She loves it, adores it. Wears it as often as she can. Problem? Mummy's first design wasn't a complete success... The bodice is too small, the straps too long, the woven ribbon didn't work how I wanted it to. It still looks great. That's all that counts, right? It's shrunk a bit since washing which disapointed me as it now doesn't fit quite as nice as it did. Jessi has stained it with chocolate milk or something too..

Then there is the multi-coloured top I made this weekend past. She REALLY likes this one. She loves the colours. I do now, though when I bought the ball of cotton I really wasn't too sure. It worked up nicer than I thought. This one has tie straps. See... I learnt from the mistakes in the first one! haha. It also has a little more shaping which seems to have held up to the first wash. You know something, I think nanna washed the yellow top in the machine... Not good and possibly why it shrunk. And she would have hung it to dry where it really needed to be laid flat. Better just to ignore that thought as if I approach nanna about it she wont be too happy! hehe. Don't you love the lil model in the making? :) If memory serves me correct, the yellow top used just under 1 ball of Panda Regal, the second top used just over 1 ball.

Last, but my no means least, her new pink shrug! Thanks Michelle (Crochetville FG - raok) for sending the cotton and suggesting Jessi may like something made from it. That was all the inspiration I needed to make her this :D It used one ball of yarn, just!! I had about 1m left over. Phew!! I did plan on it being a long sleeved shrug but it hasn't turned out as such. Not to worry, it's still super cute!! I was going to make a ballet wrap style thing (no idea how). I decided against that as Jess likes to remove clothes a lot, and she tends to pull visciously when she can't get something to come off. I didn't want her to destroy something new so this is perfect. She can take it off without much fuss. I'm not sure she likes how it slides off her shoulders slightly (when sewing the arms I had to guess size, it could have used a few more cm either side). I love how crochet is so flexible. I can actually put my hand inside the sleeve of her shrug, yet at the asame time it fits her tiny frame nicely. Cool huh! In summary, 3 new pieces of clothing costing less than $15 TOTAL! Plus a bit of time but that is something I can spare. Friends want me to start selling my work. Maybe it's time I took them seriously. If it wasn't mentioned above, I made up all these designs.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Plenty of Photos!

Sometimes, when I am feeling rather bored, I will update a yahoo photo album with some of my recent works. It doesn't happen too often!! Oftentimes I will create an entirely new album to showcase something. My photo albums are public, you can view them by clicking the links below;
Jessi and I Scrapbooking/Papercraft Mum's 40th Bday Mini-album Nanna's Bday Mini-album

A Lacey Poncho

Ahh... My lil princess!! I made her this poncho way back in July 2005!!! It's from an old 70's leaflet called Pretty Poppets in Crochet. I totally loved the design and couldn't wait to make it. Of course, I didn't do a guage swatch and being my first ever wearable I made it waaaaay to big!! She likes it though, and so do I! I'd like to make another in stronger colours and better fitting. I guess I will when I have the time. The kerchief was an after thought and I didn't use a pattern to make it. She's never actually worn the kerchief but for these photos. Come to think of it, she's never worn the poncho that much either. She gets hot too quickly and then starts to itch and scratch. Then she wants to start taking off layers of clothes. So, I keep her clothes simple and easy for her to remove. Unfortunately buttons on the shoulder are still a bit beyond her control. That reminds me, finding buttons for this poncho was a nightmare!! Everything either stood out far too much, were the wrong size or the wrong colour. I think I ended up getting a few Beutron buttons which look ok. I'm not 100% happy with the whole thing. Live and learn!!