Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Clothes

It's official, Jessi thinks she is the be all and end all. Well, of course she is! But now she thinks when ever I pick up a crochet hook I am making something for her lil self!! Here is why... First off, a yellow top. She loves it, adores it. Wears it as often as she can. Problem? Mummy's first design wasn't a complete success... The bodice is too small, the straps too long, the woven ribbon didn't work how I wanted it to. It still looks great. That's all that counts, right? It's shrunk a bit since washing which disapointed me as it now doesn't fit quite as nice as it did. Jessi has stained it with chocolate milk or something too..

Then there is the multi-coloured top I made this weekend past. She REALLY likes this one. She loves the colours. I do now, though when I bought the ball of cotton I really wasn't too sure. It worked up nicer than I thought. This one has tie straps. See... I learnt from the mistakes in the first one! haha. It also has a little more shaping which seems to have held up to the first wash. You know something, I think nanna washed the yellow top in the machine... Not good and possibly why it shrunk. And she would have hung it to dry where it really needed to be laid flat. Better just to ignore that thought as if I approach nanna about it she wont be too happy! hehe. Don't you love the lil model in the making? :) If memory serves me correct, the yellow top used just under 1 ball of Panda Regal, the second top used just over 1 ball.

Last, but my no means least, her new pink shrug! Thanks Michelle (Crochetville FG - raok) for sending the cotton and suggesting Jessi may like something made from it. That was all the inspiration I needed to make her this :D It used one ball of yarn, just!! I had about 1m left over. Phew!! I did plan on it being a long sleeved shrug but it hasn't turned out as such. Not to worry, it's still super cute!! I was going to make a ballet wrap style thing (no idea how). I decided against that as Jess likes to remove clothes a lot, and she tends to pull visciously when she can't get something to come off. I didn't want her to destroy something new so this is perfect. She can take it off without much fuss. I'm not sure she likes how it slides off her shoulders slightly (when sewing the arms I had to guess size, it could have used a few more cm either side). I love how crochet is so flexible. I can actually put my hand inside the sleeve of her shrug, yet at the asame time it fits her tiny frame nicely. Cool huh! In summary, 3 new pieces of clothing costing less than $15 TOTAL! Plus a bit of time but that is something I can spare. Friends want me to start selling my work. Maybe it's time I took them seriously. If it wasn't mentioned above, I made up all these designs.


Michelle said...

You have made such beautiful clothes for Jessi, and she looks so pretty in them, too :) You should look into getting your designs published or at least selling them online yourself!

-- Michelle