Wednesday, November 29, 2006


When Jess went to bed last night, she ouldn't find Eve. Her fave doll that she was given by nanna the day she was born. She doesn't usually fuss about having something to sleep with, but last night she got so upset that Eve couldn't be found. I opened her toy box and right on top was this teddy. Now, his colours aren't to appealing, his hands all sewn wrong, his eyes glued on uneven. But you will never find another teddy made with such love. I sewed this teddy, many moons ago. It took me days!! I am not a very good sewer but I do enjoy it. The fabric was scraps from someone elses stash, the felt for the eyes some nanna had, the button nose from nannas sewing box (it's a self-cover button I bit hard to squish to an oval shape). Most important, he is Jessi's. I made him for her when she was very small and I sewed him with such love formy daughter. He isn't perfect but Jessica loves him. He's nice and squishy and soft, no sharp pieces, no annoying shop tags. He's been away in the toybox so long I forgot he was there. Jessi was so happy to take him to bed last night. "i love him" she said as she cuddled him tight and rolled over to sleep. I love him too Jessi, I love you too xxx

Yes I sewed "made with love 4 Jessica Rose, Mummy, 07.2004" and a big heart on his backside so she will always know I made him for her, and when.


Michelle said...

He's beautiful! :) Obviously made with lots of love for Jessi, I am sure she will treasure him all her life.

-- Michelle

Shell said...

if he lasts that long! lol