Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the countdown has started

Christmas is fast coming, and I am slowly getting a few things finished. Very slowly I might add! I was bored during my last week in the shop. Why I don't know as I was crafting for Vik's exchange, and to send something to Shell and such. But anyway, I found oneof the small Pringles tins that Jessi had finished with. She'd eaten all the crisps and left the tin laying about. The lid was all squished. It looked like she bent it in half and bit it. That put a dampner on my plans as I wanted to scrap on the 'tin'. Then I realised I could mask that problem rather easily. The plan was born, a tin to tell my mum just how proud of her I am.

Here's what it now looks like. I wish I got a before photo. Just cos! lol. I am sure you all know what a Pringles container looks like!!

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The large flower on top is to cover up Jessi's damage to to tin. It looked too dull so I brightened it up with some glitter. I love glitter :D The words on the tin read "when I think of you" and inside I will write how mum makes me feel. Well... the good stuff anyways!! :D I am not sure how I will do the inside yet. I have a few ideas in mind.

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Last night I started this gorgeous butterfly. Thank you Helen for linking me the

pattern. I started it right away! I have another butterfly I started earlier in the week still missing the upper wing on one side! lol. Talk about short attention span. I hope to make a couple more butterflies and gift them to my friend Helen who's nanna's cottons these were (different Helen to who linked me). I am not sure if she will understand the gift, that they are a kind of keepsake from her nannas items. But that's no matter. Jessi adores the butterfly so I will probably have to make some and stiffen them, then hang from the ceiling in her room. This particular flutterbye was really quick and easy to make. That's why the other is missing one half of a wing, it wasn't so easy! I will hopefully finish it tonight. Since you can't see the tape very well, the butterfly is about 10.5" across (yes, that's inches)!!

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Michelle said...

Thanks, Shell! :) Your butterfly is beautiful, I will have to give the pattern a go myself (eventually) - I think it would be lovely for your friend Helen to receive something made from those special cottons...I love the pringles tin, too - I hope your mum enjoys it!

-- Michelle

Sewsassy said...

Groovy butterfly. When I try to make one I get lost, especially if I put it down. I find it hard to get back into the flow. How long did it take you? Were you interrupted?