Sunday, November 05, 2006

Paper Boxes

I made these boxes earlier this year with Mothers Day in mind. They didn't sell but everyone comments on them. Typical huh! Everyone wants to admire and handle but not buy. Oh well, no great loss cos I like them and I can give them away.

The boxes are entirely hand made starting with matting board offcuts from a picture framers (gotta love freebies). That's held together with brown paper tape cos that stuff is so strong. No, it isn't brown masking tape lol. It's about $12 a roll and again it's stuff they use in picture framers. Once the boxes were made up I decorate them in paper, cardstock, ribbons, lace, rick rack, silk flowers, stickers, paint, chalk, ink, brads, split pins, metal charms/embellishments etc etc etc

I made one for a friends birthday this April past. I will have to ask her to photograph it for me, and the doily that was inside it!! It was a last minute rush job before going to Perth for her bday so I never got pics. She loves it though :D I hope to make some more boxes soon, and to get back into my scrapbooking. So much to do and so lil time in the day!!!