Sunday, November 05, 2006

I hate secrets!!

I have been crafting for the Holiday Gift Exchange over at Crochetville and all I want to do is take photos of my finished items to post. I can't until my friend gets her items! This is an odd feeling for me as I don't usually give much away, and when I do it's handed to the recipient. This posting it and waiting is all new to me.

Like my Great Bookmark Exchange partner Heather. Poor dear sent her parcel priority and it got to me from Canada in 3 days! Hers was posted almost 2 months ago and nothing. It's really eating away at me. I want to send her a copy of the photo I took before mailing!!

Quite frankly, keeping secrets sux! And I am not sure how much longer I can hold out...


Heather said...

Hi Michelle
Heather here. I am trying to get a blog going but every name I try is not available. Did you have the same trouble signing on?

Vik said...