Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Long periods of absence

I'm still here, just not blogging. I know, I so often take these absences and the only way I can explain it to you is that I am not happy.

I haven't even posted the WONDERFUL package I won. Must do that!

Things have got to me again lately. Everyone seems to be leaving, my little girl is asking the hard questions, work's been a living hell, I've spent so much time with 1 friend I am sure the others feel abandoned yet when I spend 1 day at home that 1 friend feels abandoned, I keep getting headaches and I feel so lethargic. So, as this is a blog dedicated to my crafting adventures and with the way I have feeling I haven't completed anything, there really hasn't been anything to post.

Worse yet, is I haven't been keeping up with the lives of my blogger friends! It's one thing to feel all mopey and another to withdraw so completely. I need to get my act together!!!!

By the end of Aug the problem person at work should have left and I will be ready for over a week in Perth for training and conferences for work so things should start looking up. I can't let myself think that whomever fills the position of the problem person at work could possibly be worse. I know there will be a period of heavy adjustment as it will make for 3 new staff in the last couple of months, 2 of them supervisors. And by new I mean never employed in our town before so know nothing of how things operate for us. But it will afford the opportunity to show them what I know and my skills and not be oppressed by a person who assumed as they'd done my job before that they knew everything. I am ready to embrace that opportunity!! If things did get any worse I would be forced to quit. I am not this strong person everyone keeps telling me I am. I simply can't cope with those kinds of attitudes, more than that, with the unkindness. I try so hard to make things right, I need to stop caring. Easier said than done.

So anyways, I have a teddy bear cut out. It was supposed to be for the 1st birthday of my friends little girl but as I spent so much time at said friends house it didn't get sewn in time. I started a scrapbook page but walked away from it, I dabbled in hand sewing some baby shoes but mucked them up so bad I lost interest, and I still have a lonely knitted baby bootie waiting for a mate. I supscribed to Australian Homespun magazine and eagerly await the first issue to arrive, and my subscription to Ottobre was just renewed. In theory, you should be seeing something out of me soon...