Thursday, November 23, 2006


Shell just yelled at me :( But it was a friendly helpful yell to "TURN OFF YOUR COMMENT MODERATION!"

Comment moderation? What's that? No one comments on my blog anyhow!

Ooops... apparently they do, and I just didn't know it!! To those of you who have left comments, thank you sooo much! You can now see them! lol So can everyone else ;)

Heather I did have trouble finding a useable blog name!! Who'd have thought. But I guess since one person can have a lot of blogs it's easy done. I am glad I learnt to tat and I am ever so grateful to a special lady at Crochetville for her coaching these last few weeks!!

Lucy, thank you for your comments also :) I read a lot of your blog when I joined the Bookmark Exchange! I stole one of those questionaires you did and used in it my Y360 blog. I should put it here!

Vik.. you're gorgeous, I love ya! You're not going to believe how spoilt you're about to be! dear Shell *hugs* What a great pal you are! I am so glad Crochetville bought us togehter!!!

Pancy I know you're itching to get started in a bookmark exchange, I hope it happens soon!!

I never imagined I could meet so many wonderful people in one place! You're all fantastic ladies and I am lucky to know each and every one of you, and more!

Bye bye for now :D


Vik said...

I´m proud to be one of the colors in your rainbow of friends! And I´m yellow, I like it! ;)

Michelle said...

It wasn't a very loud yell :) Thanks for fixing the comments!

-- Michelle

Michelle said...

Would ya just put up a new entry please? I feel terrible when I come here and the first line I see is "Shell just yelled at me" - in BOLD, no less! :P

-- Michelle