Sunday, November 19, 2006

I sent my first RAOK

RAOK is the Crochetville abbreviation for Random Act of Kindness. I sent my first one last week and it arrived today so now I can post about it.

Since joining Crochetville I have met some of the most amazing people. One I am in contact with almost daily is another Michelle, in Sydney. She's sent me my first RAOK and RAOK'ing her was kind of by accident. She was having some problems with ideas for her Holiday Gift Exchange and I offered to make her something to send to her giftee. Well... why send a package with just one item in? So, I got to work and made Shell a box which I filled with small goodies. A notebook and an angel pen, a beaded safety pin angel I made, a fun "kiddie" fairy stamp, a jeweled elephant ornament, my fave incense (Shell and I share more than just a name in common so I thought she may like it).. Hmm.. oh! Some stitch marker "blanks" I made. Basically just the top question mark shaped part of a stitch marker for Shell to decorate as she pleases. I think that was all. Anyway, since Shell didn't know I was sending her anything she is really happy!

Thinking of it now, I managed to include a lot of her likes. I knew she liked elephants as she'd said so in a recent IM and that's why the elephant, a dragonfly sticker on her pink box as pink is her fave colour and she likes winged things, the pink angel was cos of it being pink and the pen was cos you can't have a notepad without a pen! It didn't even click at the time that her user id on Crochetville is Angel and that we'd discussed our angel obsession before. The stamp was a last minute throw in simply cos I could and then just days after I sent it we had a discussion about faeries! Wow... I did well and didn't even know it :) YAY!

I'm glad I made your day Shell, thank you for making mine more than once!


Michelle said...

Hi Shell!

You really did make my day with the beautiful items you sent me - I am sure I'd never gotten through anything this week without my little angel pen in my bag and I even had the ornament in my bag with me when I had my test (and a faerie stamp on my hand)!

You're a champ :)

-- Michelle