Friday, November 17, 2006

My first exchange - COMPLETE

I am so very excited. My first EVER exchange has just been completed. Door closed, is no more. Kinda sad in a way but omg was it such fun! Even if I have spent the last 2 months stressing about where my package was and feeling so guilty that I got Heathers package so soon but I had sent hers so slow!!!

I sent Heather the compulsory bookmark (starfish by Cupcake at Crochetville) and a book. Also included were 2 postcards, 1 Australian flag patch, 1 sheet of stickers, 1 novelty boomerang with Australian Aboriginal designs, 1 crochet needle case, 1 tin of Billy Tea, 1 Lovatts Arrowords pockey book, a small bag of polished gemstones and a brochure about my town. It feels as though there wasn't much at all in there but Heather sounds over the moon and that's all I care about! I was certainly overwhelmed with her package!! I love the Great Bookmark Exchange, mostly as I can now participate as I please and there is nothing exceedingly hard about it.

Heather sent us a book, TWO bookmarks (I love the turtle!!), a pin cushion, a bookmark from her trip to Norway she took just as our exchange began, an original "Heather" design trinket box combining cross stitch and crochet AND recycling, a cradle purse with the sweetest doll inside, a tooth keeper for when Jess starts needing one, a cute handbag for Jessi a lovely letter and a magazine which has a design Heather submitted inside. I, yes ME, got to exchange with someone who has published works! That's pretty cool in my book. Oh, I almost forgot, there are 3 pins inside the trinket box! One for British Columbia, one for Heather's town and one for the Winter Olympics in Canada in a few years time. What lovely keepsakes these will become.

Now, to finish off my Holiday Gift Exchange!!


Vik said...

Your package is on its way from Argentina to Australia!!!

Anonymous said...

must be a great experience