Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday Gift Exchange - Sent!

Yes yes yes!! I finally posted my Holiday Gift Exchange parcel. Boy what an adventure that was! The US$25 minimum limit was well surpassed!! That worked out to about AUD$34 and I spent give or take $100. Add to that $78.80 postage... gee!! lol That's almost what I spend on Jessi for xmas. I posted it Express International but no one actually told me how long that will take. I wouldn't imagine any more than 2 weeks. My package weighed 2.9 something kilo's! I had to remove one thing from the parcel as it went over 3kg lol. I hope Vik likes it. I sure had fun putting it together. It was a little stressful too, I must admit. Always worrying that I didn't have enough, that she might not like it etc.

On another note, I had someone on Crochetville private message me yesterday for my address. She had read my Holiday Wishlist and PM'd me to say she wanted to hurry and send a dress she bought for Jessi, and therefore asked me directly. I was in tears! I mean, I wrote that list NEVER expecting anyone would actually send me anything. I was so overjoyed!!! She says she bought the dress too! I would have happily taken 2nd hand or home made. She really made my day, and I haven't even seen the garment! There was a comment about some things for me too I think, I kinda stopped reading after she mentioned the dress. There are people in this world so wonderful, and it is small moments like this that remind me so.

I bought something to send from another Holiday Wishlist requests, only I don't know if I can afford the postage. That really upsets me. This time of year is so tight financially but I'd love to make someone else's day. I guess next pay I will just go without a few things to ensure it gets sent. There is no point buying it for them and never sending it. If I could send it surface mail it wouldn't be quite so costly, but the last surface mail I sent took 2 months and not the 4 weeks I was told it would. I know the holidays really clog up the postal systems world wide, so I imagine surface mail would be even slower? Who knows, I'm not gonna risk it. I want to send some xmas cards and such too. Some of my friends don't have wishlists and I'd rather surprise them with the cards so I am not sure how I will work around that one! I never send xmas cards, and here I am planning a dozen or so to go international! lol. Madness. It just goes to show what good friends I have made through Crochetville!!!