Thursday, February 25, 2010


Woohoo, finally getting some stuff finished. Isn't it just a disgusting feeling when you've had UFO's sitting about and you can't get motivated to touch them? Well.. it is for me!! The photo is of Jessica at the Fremantle Maritime Musuem during our most recent trip to Perth to see her specialists. The statues are in thanks to the children of Britain bought to Australia. There is a story behind it all, very sad. If you ever get a chance watch the movie "The Leaving of Liverpool". A LONG moving but it needed to be to tell the story :(

My sweetie's fave colour is deep purple so for Valentines day I started tatting him Heart's Desire (pattern page 1 & 2). As soon as I decided I wanted to tat him something, again with the personal symbology, I knew I wanted to re-tat Heart's Desire. Unfortunatly it got way too hot and my rings wouldn't close so I had to set it aside. I'd had the card and started this at the beginning for Feb but it only went in the mail (express!) yesterday. I don't expect much of a reaction as a piece of lace wouldn't be every mans wishlist topper, but I don't care. He might see the symbology as I do ;) Tatted with shuttles and 2 strands of Anchor embroidery thread. Australian $1 coin for comparison.

As mentioned last post, 2 finished library bags. One for my cousin Eli with cute lil rocket ships all over and one for my coworkers daughter Georgina. Eli's has twill tape and Georgina's ribbon handles.

Jessica has once more been invited to the birthday of her twin friends Georgie and Charlotte (who will sadly be leaving at the end of this year) and we bought them each a My Little Pony as I didn't have time for handcrafted gifts. I made them a card each though. I actually wanted Jessica to make the cards, but she wouldn't. Patterned paper is from Kaisercraft's LaDiDa range, plus some Bazzil cardstock and the corrugated paper I have had for YEARS n YEARS!! The stickers came off a really cheap and nasty sticker sheet, but worked nicely on the cards and I imagine the little yellow flower brads are Franchville but I can't be certain as again, they've been in my stash a super long time!!

Back in Nov my cousin and his girlfriend welcomed twin boys into the world. They were living in the eastern states of Australia at the time but are now not only back in WA, but back in our town to be close to family. I just adore this photo of Jessica and Damian.


Toni said...

hey I'm lovin on your tatty heart :)

❦TattingChic said...

I think I've heard about this very sad story of the children coming from England to Australia. This is a heartbreakingly sad story indeed!
That photo of Jessica by the statues and also the photo of her with her cousin are all adorable!

Nice to see you tatting again! :)

~TattingChic ♥