Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nothing to Post

Yes, been rather quiet around here. I hurt my hand!! On the weekend I was out and I went to grab one of those waist height rounded door knobs on an inward swinging door, and some kids shoved it hard from the other side right at that moment. YEOUCH! It really hurt and I fought back tears so hard in front of those smug lil brats who were stifling laughs between asking "are you ok?". Gotta love 14-16yr olds. Not!

I sat back down and a while later got a glass full of ice and rubbed the ice over it. My pants were soaked where the ice was melting then dripping all over the place!! The next morning I could hardly move my thumb. It's getting better now but it still hurts to hold a pen and crochet is out of the question. Even typing has it's limits. It is soooo frustrating, being so close to christmas. I need to get some things made and finished etc etc. UGH! Oh well. Better stop typing before I only make it worse. Hopefully can update with something achieved soon! I am so annoyed right now.


Michelle said...

Very sorry about your thumb, Shell, hopefully it will improve - we've got our crochet-a-long to do! :)

-- Michelle

vicki said...

i hope your thumb feels much better sweetie, rotten brats, shame on them, someday the rotten brats will get whats coming to them hugs and can't wait till oo