Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Enough of this laziness!

I'm surprised Shell isn't yelling at me again to update my blog! I've been so lazy of late I know. It's about to change! Well.. there's a new post today anyway lol. I make no promises... I find myself spending more and more time offline now ;)

Holiday RAOK'sΓΏ
Vicki - Washington state
Shell - New South Wales
Texas Elf
UK Christmas Angel
Wisconsin Elf

This was more than I ever, ever imagined when completing the wishlist! I am astounded at people's generosity and kindess. It is such a humbling feeling to open the letterbox and find a package with my name on it. Someone took the time to think of me? That same someone then decided I was worthy of gifting? And best of all, the only anonymous RAOK is from the dear elf in WI. The other 4 I am now friends with. How awesome is that! Now.. for piccies!

From Vicki we got 4 separate lots of mail! The first was many items for Jessi, some crochet cotton and a pattern book for me, 2 dresses for Jessi. The second a Christmas card for me, then a parcel for me containing a gorgeous pink shawl which I am yet to photograph as well as chocolates, candy corn, and a calendar. Last but by no means least a Santa Letter to Jessi which she just adores!

Many weeks ago Shell sent Jessi and I Christmas presents. These weren't at all associated with the Crochetville RAOK, she sent them because she wanted to. The tatting book is something I linked her while chatting one day. I forgot the auction, she didn't! She bought it for me!! The Christmas card with Forever Friends on the front was surprising as I love them a lot, and she didn't know that. I was so very glad she included one of her 4ply cotton doilies. She is always making them and talking about them, now I am lucky enough to own one! Stickers for Jessi and I and then 2 Shirley Barber fairies puzzles for Jess. I love Shirly Barber fairies too! Shell knows me so well..

Today we got a small RAOK package from an Elf in Texas. She thought Jessi would like the "make your own" journal, and she is very right! As soon as Jessi comes home from our nannas I will sit down and craft with her. I love the little calendars, they're so cute! She also asked to be penpals. Yet another new friend thanks to Crochetville!! I love that place! Thank you elf in Texas (she has asked to remain anonymous, please respect that).

Now... above you see a very large collage of a LOT of items! These all came from one very special friend in the UK. She knows I really enjoy tatting and emailing one day she asked me what kind of shuttles I had and what I liked. If I was a selfish person I would have then realised she was asking the appropriate questions to gift me. The truth of the matter is it never crossed my mind! Even as I opened the envelope I was still clueless as to what it contained. Fighting the sticky tape holding the lid on the tin closed I was wondering what secrets lie inside. As the lid came off and I gently set it aside I was agape! Not only was I in disbelief how many items fit in such a small tin, but the items that lay in wait... FIVE shuttles. 5! And the two wooden ones are Gergia Seitz!! I had seen them online many, many times. Never did I think 'I' would have one, let alone 2!! The Boye plastic shuttle was so unusual to me that I studied it quite lengthely. I have a couple of the small plastic clover hooks. Until Now they've been my favourite. I've already started using the Boye metal hook and I must say I LOVE IT! It has a very nice weight, slim line. It's just wonderful! The little hooks are perfect for the joins. The one with the amethyst handle is to link to your pinky, ready to use as needed. The wooden fan-like item is a picot guage. It is intended to make your picots more uniform in size. I am having some trouble grasping its use! I needed/wanted embroidery scissors and made myself NOT buy them a few months ago, so these are perfect! And lastly, the blue 'thread' shown with the scissors is a little floss thingy I have seen used to help tuck your ends in neatly. Tatting is so small that the ends can pose a real problem. I know I have seen this floss in use somewhere online, so I will have to look it up and practice. There was also a crocheted snowflake for Jessi!

To the right you can see a small piece of tatting I have started. The pattern you see is in the book gifted by Shell, the shuttle from UK Christmas Angel and the cotton from a lovely lady at Crochetville whom I purchased it from. 'REAL' tatting cotton! I normally use crochet cotton. Tatting cotton is so much finer and it doesn't appear to separate or twist so much. A real Crochetville piece of art! *lol*

Thank you ladies for the smiles you have given me this Christmas! It's made a very bleak looking Christmas so much happier. All of you ladies deserve the best life has to offer, and I wish you and all my friends and family a fabulous 2007. Best wishes now and always. Oh, I almost forgot, the WI elf sent us a xmas card and a crocheted snowflake.

Shell n Jessi xxx


Michelle said...

Thanks for updating :) I can't think of anyone who deserves the RAOKs more than you do. I am glad you enjoyed what I sent you and I am delighted to see that others are thinking of you, too.

Don't spend too much time offline though...

-- Michelle

Shell said...

YOU deserve it just as much, or more so than me!

Jerry said...

Hi Shell, This is Jerry AKA Michelle's not so secret secret pal. I read your blog front to back today and what an wonderful person you are. It's not easy raising a daughter on your own. I have a son 17 and a daughter 14 who mean the world to me. I agree with Michelle, you deserve any RAOK that happens to come your way..

Michelle said...

Hey Shell, I hope you're enjoying your holiday! :)

-- Michelle

Anonymous said...

Wow that tatting is great. Your daughter is adorable..... and you've been taged. Please see my blog for details