Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lend A Hand

Once upon a time I was a Brownie (Jr Girl Guide) and the Brownies motto is "Lend a Hand". I am remembering something about doing good deeds for others being drummed into us too. But I really wasn't a Brownie very long. Just after myself and a small group of girls got sworn in our dear leader left us. No one ever took it over :( But keeping in the Brownie spirit, when Clare @ Crochetville sent out a request for comfortghan squares I stepped up to the plate.

I was BITTERLY disapointed that to see as an Australian, Clare had very few responses. People on Crochetville are always asking for people to make squares of one thing or another. It is quite hard on the heart to see them get more than enough squares, and someone like Clare not get many responses, let alone actual squares. Is it just cos she is in Aus? I couldn't be sure. But my opinion on the topic is yes. People are fed soooo often "international postage is a killer" so without ever enquiring they just write it off. A 6" square would cost maybe $3-5 I am sure. I doubt that even, as it would fit into a A5 envelope and be charged letter rates. Anyways, I've never made blanket squares before and decided to give it a go. Knowing my impatience at things and the hate to repeat patterns I really wasn't overly confident. The first few squares I tried were NOT working in the slightest. I was very worried I would have to tell Clare I was unable to fulfill my offer. That would have saddened me further. But I did it!! I found a pattern that took my interest and got to it.

This is a great pattern. Thank goodness she posted so many photos as the written instructions weren't very clear. After the firt square was made I didn't need to look at the instructions further. I completely surprised myself by completing 8 squares!! I would have done more but I decided what little yarn is left should be sent with the squares so Clare can "finish" them as per the pattern if she chooses. I didn't do the final round to give her the option of not doing it at all, or doing it in her bordering colour to tie it all together. But if I throw in the yarn she has some options. I can't find a needle to sew in the ends..

The squares were made with blue 8ply and the purple a boucle type yarn, both were given to me and are unlablled. I used a 4.5mm hook and each square takes me not very long at all. Maybe 30mins? Hard to judge as I tend to crochet and chat/watch tv etc all at once.

this is the pattern
found using


Jerry said...

I hope people are not afraid of international shipping. The good it brings is worth much more than the mere cost of shipping. I hope you get more participation from your request in the future.

Michelle said...

Beautiful squares, Shell - lovely colours and great work with them :) International postage can be a pain but if people are willing to put their hand out and ask others, they should be willing to respond in kind!

-- Michelle