Tuesday, February 20, 2007

School, Birthdays and Pressies

I have been meaning to come and write up some news for a while, I just never seem to get here to do it! A lot has been happening, and when it isn't I'm trying to recouperrate or have been busy doing other things, like crochetig Barbie clothes for Jessi as part of her birthday present. I've collaged my photos as Blogger takes ages to upload pics. Click them to see better :) Lets start at the beginning, her first day of school!


On January 31st Jessi had her first day of 4yr Old Kindy. She started at 8:45am and finished at 12:30pm. She was ever so excited and I was really worried she wouldn't like school as she is very shy.
These pics are at home, right before hopping in the car to go to school. She was NOT happy with mummy as she didn't want pictures, she wanted to get to school right THEN! She refused to smile, refused to cooperate and "hmph" and "ugh" the whole time. It was cute that she just wanted to get a move on! From here we went to my cousins house to borrow her digi cam, as these were taken on my video cam which has no flash. I was so scared of not getting good pics as this is an important milestone! (btw, the wooden step under her feet.. my front step? yeah you see it right? gone now! I stepped on it maybe Thursday/Friday last week and fell through it! lucky it was the very bottom step not the higher one. dad has replaced it with some industrial ones for the time being. My comfy lil pozzy is ruined *cries*)
Once we arrived at the school Jessi was much happier to pose. But just enough for mummy to be happy as she wanted to get inside! Her daddy came and met us at the school (oh another thing that's happened, he's moved to Adelaide *woohoo*). She looks sooooo cute in her uniform!! Such a tiny girl looking so big just cos of the shirt and shorts she's wearing. Very sad for mummy. But I left and I didn't cry, she didn't cry. It was lovely!!

She happily played with puzzles as soo s we got in the door. It took her about 10mins, but she soon wandered down into the little dress ups/kitchen/home corner. I knew she would as she adores that kind of thing. When she came home that afternoon she was soooo proud to show me her art work. She'd already decided it was for nanna and NOT happy when I said she could give the following weeks work to nanna, this is mummy's! So now every Monday and Wednesday from 8:45am to 3:05pm sees Jessi at kindy and mummy kind of lost!! I wish it were the 4 half days most schools do as she is coming home so irritable. It really is a long day for little people. She loves it though and that is brilliant. I am so proud of you Jess!


On Sunday (Feb 18th) Jessica turned 4. I just can't believe it. You know, we've been on our own 2yrs now and we do pretty well really. It was just after her 2nd bday I separated from my 1yr domestic relationship with Andrew. Anyways... She had a nice little party in a local park with a few friends and family. It was extremely pleasant! I got her a Barbie Horse as her "big present" as well as a stack of other Barbie items like clothes, shoes, Kelly dolls etc. She loves her Barbies right now. I like that, I can handle that. If it were Bratz I'd say no. She also had a LOT of Barbie clothes I made for her, as well as her knitted scarf. I am still very proud of the scarf :D She looked very cute in a dress her daddy gave her just before he left. It once belonged to his younger sister who is about 9. I had to fix up the embellishments as some were falling off, and sew up the straps as Jess is so tiny, but overall she looked like the little anegl she is.

We got to the park about 3pm, party wasn't until 4, but Jessi was getting so impatient! The photo in the top left was the reuslt of me asking her to get a nice photo of her in her pretty dress. She layed on the picnic rug, head down and deliberately pulled her hair over her eyes and said she didn't want one. After she finally got up she was just being cheeky about it all and I only managed to snap one or two pics where she wasn't scowling. She opted for a banana cake, and gosh was it yummy! Can't have a birthday without Dora, so of course she featured on the cake! The photo in the bottom right is Jessi rubbing ice on her noze. She got bit by a mozzie and had been playing with the ice for ages. It was cute :)


From an FGM in Liverpool, England I got 3 wonderful sheets of scrapping stickers, a card, a magnet, a butterfly bookmark and a 1.65mm crochet hook. All are perfect :) Thank you fgm

Vicki sent us a package which was supposed to be Jessi's birthday present. Looks more like it's for me than the girl :D Cotton in size 10 and 3, 4pks snaps, a pony and lollies for Jessi, a magnetic notepad, a Mary Engelbreit magnet and some "samples" of yarns :D Thanks Vicki, we love you!

Last but by NO MEANS LEAST a really fantastic RAoK from an FGM in Oklahoma! #10 crochet cotton, Peaches and Creme cotton, massive ball of WW yarn, 2 magazines, a DAV cookbook, a Crochet Pocket Refernce, 1.65mm/#7 crochet hook, BUTTONS!, and a little handbag, playing cards and lolly for Jessa. Ooooh, and choccies and tea for me! Thank you FGM, we really love it and I have already eaten all the choccies and put the hook and some cotton to good use!


Lucy said...

What a nice collage of pics!!!!

Michelle said...

I'm very glad to see you're both getting spoiled :) Happy Birthday to Jessi - sorry I've been forgetful...she did look beautiful in her dress. Congratulations, too, for starting school! I hope her enthusiasm continues for the next decade or so :)

-- Michelle

Vik said...

I´m trying to read all I missed last month during Summer holidays! First of all: Happy Belated Birthday to Jessi!!!