Sunday, March 21, 2010

What is beautiful?

You know how we see things in our lives that really speak to us? I had one of those moments when I first caught site of this YouTube post on a friends Facebook page. I've reposted it a number of times, such an important message! But soooo much louder as the visual aspect really adds to what words alone only hint at. Share this with your daughters. Even your sons! Explain how false a world we live in. Don't "I blame Disney for my high expectations of men" (for those wondering, that is an actual Facebook group I have seen many of my friends join!) and don't let your sons think that a real girl has no blemishes and porcelain skin!

You know what, don't just watch it, share it!

So much of what we see is edited, we just don't realise quite how much!

Here is yet another REALLY good, strong message.

Beauty is fickle, cruel and artificial. Just as we find treasure in others trash, we also perceive beauty on an individual basis. I can assure you every woman in the world does not agree that Brad Pitt is the sexiest man on Earth, just because Cosmo says so. We can't stop the media, but we can educate ourselves and those around us.