Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did I leave my mind at your place?

All afternoon yesterday I was feeling the urge to sew. Even though I have a long "to do" list I couldn't come up with anything I actually wanted to do. That changed.. Sometime after 9pm last night!!! After trying in vain to find a pattern I didn't have to trace, was the right size, was cut in the right size.. I finally found 2. So I had thought! One of them had been cut in a size 2, so I was under duress to use the other. I do like it a lot! Around 10pm I am pinning out this pattern for my daughter to have a new dress for "free dress" day at school today. Yes, TODAY!

Well, I was up til 1:30am, I mean, of course i had to unpick a few things. Infact, that is a gross exaggeration. I unpicked just one straight line. So proud of myself! Even on the most basic of items I usually spend half as  much time sewing unpicking!! My zip went in brilliantly first time around too. Jessi gets up this morning, asks if I'd found her something to wear and I show her the unhemmed dress. She liked it! "It's good you used bright colours" she grinned. Yes darling, I know how you adore all this garishly bright and make your mummy cringe. The only problem? It was miles too big!!!! Simplicity 8620 in a size 7 dated 1970, and it's a good 2 inches too big, basically 2 sizes! We went and found another dress to wear to school. The orange gingham tie is a real leap for me.. I'm such a matchy-matchy type and this doesn't match! But it does compliment. I think?

I have to catch up on posts. Been too busy admiring everyone else's blogs! But headed out to dinner tonight for one of my dear friends birthdays, and then it's my bday on Monday. Of course, it's also Easter this weekend and Jessica is looking forward to learning to sew. I can't wait to teach her! She all too often hers from me "not today honey" or " in a minute" repeated to her endlessly. Not this time! She wants to sew, let's sew! We're going to started with a bunny Melissa  posted and may move on to the horse she wants to make from an Australian Country Threads magazine (vol9 no10). See how quickly she tires of the rabbit first!!


Toni said...

the ribbon looks FINE Shell.