Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My lil love

I have the most gorgeous daughter. When she isn't being 'when she was bad she was horrid' she is of course 'very very good' minus curls on her forehead. She has moments of pure love which are so delightful to see. She asks for a hug many times a day, but sometimes there is this gleam in her eye when she does, and you just know that in that moment, all she can think of is that hug and being close to you. Kids are so precious.

Last night she came in and said "look what I made you" and presented me with this lovely little picture. They're hearts, as people. She typically draws her people with clothes and adornments, so she really thought this one out. I melted, it was such a beautiful moment and an absolute surprise to me. I LOVE that we're holding hands! I have an amazing, wonderful daughter and I love her very much!

(and the lovely dry erase board was sent to us from our friend Jessie in North Carolina, and Jessica's barely put it down since it arrived! She has oodles or art supplies, and this simple little drawing board is her fave. We've played many a game of noughts and crosses on this little thing over the past week).