Monday, March 22, 2010

Capes and cakes

One incomplete scrapbook page. The bottom left corner needs something, I just can't work out what! But as it's been sitting idly on my desk for a week or so now and still no bright ideas, here it is. Kaisercraft Argentella papers & pearls, stash lace and trim, shabby "melted" flower with an old odd button in its centre, franchville brads and a little white flower out of a card making kit, and some black ink (office style! lol no fancy scrapbook/paper craft inks in this household). Inspired by this layout, found on

I actually used that teal trim on a skirt I made Jessi. I got her to choose from 2 different blue/teal fabrics knowing I wanted to use that trim. She looks at the finish skirt, namely the trim, and says "don't you have that in a different colour?". Erm.. no! *lol* Kids!!

This is the lil cape I want to make Jessi, and the fabrics I have chosen for it. Jess loves BRIGHT! The brighter the better. She makes me cringe.. but if I want her to wear it then I can at least start with something she might enjoy. Mum says "but it wont match anything she wears". So what? She's 7.. like anything she wears matches anyhow. Unless she's in her school uniform ;) The pink paisley fabric selvage reades "Watercolor Memories by Fabri-Quilt Inc Design #9635" and I do like it a lot.. just wonder if it's tooooo much on a big project like the cape. I don't recall where or when I got the fluffy cream stuff. Probably in a remnant bin somewhere. It's so deliciously snuggly I'd rather make a pillow case out of it so I can snuggle it!! The pattern, Simplicity 5480 is dated 1973. I think the term "vintage" is well and truly over used online, so I will not call this a vintage pattern!

Here are the baby shoes mentioned in my last post. I really enjoy sewing baby booties, usually from free patterns! They're all so similar to those being sold it doesn't make sense to me to buy patterns. But I splurged a lil this last week and bought a couple, including some of the "big 3" (Simplicity, Butterick etc). The brown suede is something I picked up in a thrift store and lined with a fabric my mum gave me from an old craft group we had locally (selvage reads "Marcus Bros Textiles Inc"). I love the little creamy flowery fabric, I think it would make adorable Amy Butler Kimono style pyjamas!! I don't have her book though. Anyways, simply lined with cream flannelette.

Suede shoes pattern - Prudent Baby
though I deviated from the pattern and made them from fabric, lined and as they currently have no snaps/buttons they're also reversible (hidden seams)

Floral Kimono style booties - Homespun Threads
I didnt like these once finished. The LOOK good but were awkward to get on baby's feet. I didn't take the time to make them reversible/hide the seams

I got a package in the mail today from my dear friend LeAnna. I actually thought it was my order at first!! There is a Vogue Sewing book (brilliant reference material!), a Sew Beautiful magazine, Craft Style magazine, Craft Stylish Quick Stuff to make and Where Women Create. I've already read 3 of them! So many gorgeous projects.. so many more things on the "to make list".. will I ever live long enough? *lol* and LeAnna also included a yarn doily in a lovely white yarn with hints of palest pink. I must say, it has a gorgeous scent about it. Perhaps she used a fabric softener or something. As everything in my household is washed in super sensitive powders etc I probably forget the subtle scents of laundry soap.

I've done a little baking this week. I made banana muffins and a chocolate cake last weekend, and another chocolate cake tonight. The one from tonight will most likely be binned! It was a Betty Crocker "Devli's Food" cake and it's really really BLERGH! It had 3 eggs, 3/4cup water and 1/4cup vege oil.. and it bloodywell tastes like oil! It's so gross. I didn't realise it came with a packet of plastic icing (frosting). I say plastic, cos not only did it spread like plastic, look like plastic, it tastes pretty darn plasticy too! And "super moist".. erm.. NO! I will never buy Better Crocker again. Ok, so I should have made a chocolate cake from scratch. It's not like I didn't have the ingredients in the pantry... So anyways, once this one is tossed in the garbage bin I will make another Greens Chocolate Cake. Now there was a lovely, moist cake with a nice sweet yet firm icing. mmmmm!!!!!! In all reality I should NOT make cake, or sweets, or any other yummmmmy thing cos well.. with only Jessi and I in the house to eat it... ummah! But I have a real craving for cake at the moment and have barely touched chocolate or icecream or biscuits in ages.. so a lil indulgence is ok. I will just have to remember not to make anything again for a few months, minimum!

Using Jessica's camera this evening to take photos (where mine is, I have no idea..) I found a heap of pics she's taken since getting the cam for her bday in Feb. She has some outstanding pics!! If I get patient and spend some time in PS Elements and collage them, I will share with you. Blogger is horrible at photo uploads!


Toni said...

wow I love that cape idea Shell.

the LO looks fabbo, I wonder whether a flourish-y rub-on running up from the bottom left corner might do the trick? love the look of it tho and you did great on the flower.
And I <3 those shoes TOO CUTE