Friday, March 26, 2010

Poppets Perspective

As mentioned, Jessica got a digital camera for her 7th birthday from my sister and I. Here are a few snippets of her photos! You can really see her concerntrating and some of the scenic pics I really really like. She has nothing but potential, in an art form that has no bounds and is free (besides batteries).People (row by row); Her cousin Hayden, Myself - Hayden, Hayden and Nannie (my mum) - My sister (i like this pic!), Hayden with new shoes - My mum's best friend, Jessica's dermatologist (who had no idea Jessi was weilding a camera and when it flashed she laughed "Jessica! Oh my goodness that's going to be horrible. Delete that one". She is a lovely, lovely lady).

People again (clockwise from top left); Self portraits... this is one of a few she took... I was floored! I think my sister showed her how to do this though, so that explained it a lil. still wow! - me again - myself, mum and mum's friend at my sisters old house - my nephew Hayden and I waiting outside a hotel in Perth while mum was inside making enquiries - mum - mum's friend

Inanimate objects -- you think she's seen me take photos of my crafts a few times too often? :P The doll clothes were all new, so I suppose the wanted to document them. The top left photo the clothes were purchased from Pumpkin Patch but the others were all from thrift stores. She LOVED mum's different hair clips and took a photo of the similar one I was wearing too but it looked really weird. And I have to laugh at the photos of books. We went into a book store, just killing time. She is walking around taking pics. I was actually embarassed by it! Anyways, she took a few different photos of Mr Men books. When I asked her why she says "So I know what ones I don't have". Ok, that's a fair comment. The novels.. well I can only assume the images appealed to her in some way :)

Scenery (row by row); The tree was across the road from my sisters last rental, extremely tall and this day was full of parrots. Jessi was photographing the parrots. Flowers in Raine Square, Perth City - graffiti and scaffolding from bus window in Perth city where they're erecting a new entertainment centre, sunset clouds outside my sisters - another really nice silhouetted sunset, a Perth city tourist bus taken while we waited at a cross walk - she just managed to cut the bird out of this pic (top right of the photo) which is actually really good considering how high the tree is and how much zoom she must have been using, a lovely photo of a tree outside Princess Margaret Hospital for children that I had no idea she had taken.


Toni said...

WOW!!! Shell she is showing some real potential there!!