Sunday, March 21, 2010

A chance to escape

I love books. I used to read far more, I just find when I am feeling glum I can't focus on anything, least of all words on a page. I finally picked back up a book I was reading, Vintage Alice by Jessica Adams (seen here) and Celebrity Bride by Alison Kervin (here), both of which were given to me by a fried who is in a mail order book club. She was away and four books accumulated which her mum failed to mention during their many phone calls. She arrived home having to pay for the novels, in which she had absolutely no interest. She very kindly offered them to me knowing I am a "reader".

Vintage Alice - Jessica Adams
I really quite enjoyed this novel. Through no fault of the story I put the book down for some weeks and really struggled to pick it back up. A love story, although not all roses with no thorns, and set in England.. it just wasn't what I needed at the time. I finally managed to get reading again and I quite enjoyed it. I was a little bit disappointed that the story of "Vintage Alice" wasn't what I had expected. It's more a journey. But the main character LOVES to sew and refashion and is planning a move to Aus. So there was plenty in there which I really did enjoy. The descriptions of Australia were just beautiful and at points I did wonder if any non-Aussies might understand some of the jargon. I guess this is the fun of novels, to lose yourself into another world..

Celebrity Bride - Alison Kervin
Admittedly, I would never have purchsed this book for myself. Infact, I rarely buy books at all. I picked this up the other afternoon after returning home from work, school runs etc. Hmm.. I had it read by midnight that night *blushes*. I barely put it down! That was a combination of enjoying the book and not feeling very well AND needing to not think about my own life for a while. I actually really enjoyed this book, even with its fairytale themes. And trust me, fairytale themes are the LAST thing I want at the moment! Just an ordinary girl getting caught up in the mayhem that is celebrity, it was really quite cute. In some cases I could forsee what was coming a bit too obviously which had me impatient for it to actually happen, but all round a very nicely written story.

I can't do photos at the moment. Kinda, sorta kind find my camera *blushes* I've sewn a few lil things and been working on a scrapbook page all week (yes, the very same ONE page!) but otherwise I have been more idle than I would like. I've pulled out a cape pattern and really want to make it for Jessi, but I am unsure if she'd wear it. I have this lovely soft soft minkee type fabric I'd line it with, it would be like wearing a big, snuggly blanket. I just get so disheartened when she says she doesn't like it/wont wear it. I keep hyping up the "you'll be the only little girl with a dress like this" and she's fine with dresses/skirts. I guess it's when I go to add in the slightly different pieces, such as capes *hehe* I want to make her some winter PJ's but looking online at flannelette for $24 a metre.. wtf?!!? I really wish I could get to Spotlight :( I am also wondering about winter clothes for Jessi. With her eczema she hates anything fleecy as it sticks to her skin (after she's scratched and it's bled/weeped) so.. hmm.. she needs some yoga style patns I s'pose, but they can't be all that warm! I don't even want to think about the impending winter just yet.

OOOOOOH back on the topic of books, I bought myself 3 from the other day. Two of them about decluttering, then, rather ironically... a sewing book. Just to add to that clutter! I'll share details when they arrive. Haha. Anyways, enough babble out of me ;)
*edited to add in photos I took of the books on Jess's camera.. cos now I can't even find mine! *lmao*