Friday, March 12, 2010

Meeting Matilda

Matilda is the newest edition to a very large collection of dolls within our home. I purchased her from for Jessica's 7th bday and she was an immediate hit. At the time of purchase she was a limited edition, but it seems she is now standard stock. I borrowed the above pics from Australian Girl as my photo skills are non-existant and do their gorgeous doll no justice! (copied from their website but compiled into one photo by myself, and I added their web address to the photo so you know exactly who there are and were to find them). The clothes shown are the ones I purchased for Matilda. I like the other dolls, but their seriously dorky outfits/prints on the clothes put me off. Jasmine (in the satin party dress) was my doll of choice before Matilda was released. Not so keen on the ugg boots and dress though.. Overall, I am very pleased with our new "big girl" doll, to break away from the baby dolls just a little. Something different :) It's not that the baby dolls have to be retired, but choices and options. I say this in the nicest way though, I wanted a dark skinned doll. Introduction at an early age is important to me and although we have friends and associate with people of all races and backgrounds, I still think it being inside your home has a positive impact on a child. So another day I will find her an international/non-steryotypical doll. Now I just sound like an idiot. So on to the doll!
I had actually wanted and American Girl doll for Jessica, but the only place in Aus I could find online selling them wanted nearly twice their retail and the actual website doesn't ship to Aus. The thing I love best about the Australin girl is the vinyl chest, as opposed to soft stuffy one of the American Girl. So this girl looks cute in her singlets and no soft body showing up! (she is wearing her white knickers in this photo. Some modesty please! lol). Her hair is kind of awesome too, in this photo it is being held with nothing more than a single, glass headed sewing pin!

I made Matilda a dress. Jessi actually loves the name of this doll btw, she has the name she was purchased with. Jess loves the film Matilda right now so it worked out rather perfectly. The dress is a tiny bit too small, sewn from Simplicity 3936 for the slightly smaller (well, I can only assume from how these fit) American Girl Dolls. She is wearing the white purchased singlet under the dress and bolero. The bolero is just a tiny bit too tight in the arms, the dress well; the straps are too long and the arm scythes and therefore bodice are too low. All are stash fabrics and lace. I really like this outfit. I still have to sew the snaps on the back.

I hand sewed these little pyjamas for Matilda using Simplicity 4347. A reproduction vintage pattern that I bought at and printed at home. I love! So much cheaper than buying a store bought pattern in Australia and the convenience for me living isolated ;) I had this overwhelming feeling that if I didn't handsew something, I was a bad crafty mama. I know I know, this makes no sense. But I did it anyway and actually found it quite enjoyable.

I made these lil overalls on New Years eve, all hand sewn while babysitting. I actually made them for one of Jessi's baby dolls prior to buying Matilda and had to cut 2 inches off the legs for them to be long overalls on the baby doll. But they fit Matilda comfortably as shorty overalls.

The embroidery was not rocket science, I simply embroidered one of the flowers in the fabric design and added a bead to the centre.
Also on New Years eve and from the same Burda 8380 pattern I made this adorable little back pack. Hand sewn like the overalls above. I highlighted some of the damask print on the flap with pink embroidery floss and weirdly enough, the purple button looked better than all the pink, green and neutral ones I tried!
Overall I am feeling a little bit better, I will go back and edit the details into the "Bubbles" post later.


Toni said...

wow, go YOU! the outfits are amazing