Saturday, November 13, 2010

Needed some colour

I just updated my blog layout. Not sure I am 'in love' with this design (Grunge-Floral via but I think I am simply too fussy. Who'd have thought?

My sincere apologies to anyone who happened across my blog while I was in the process of changing things up. It took me many hours, and many trials, to settle on this particular template. So many are too monochromatic (like my last one (Girly-Diaries via or there are just elements I like and not the overall look. I'm not clever enough with graphics to design my own.

Still getting over this cold, but otherwise all is well. Will pop in with something to show soon!

Today is the first anniversary of my best friend, Karen. I text her to wish her a happy anniversary and found her to be in Manila, Philippines!! She's finally meeting her husbands family, which is so wonderful.


Toni said...

I like it. Definitely easier to read now.
You can use photos as a background, apparently, but I don't know how.