Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A sweet blessing

Terrible photos take on the spur of the moment with my mobile phone, who I know's camera is damaged (erm, does anyone else drop their phone 50 times a day? hmm..).

Miss Cadence, the newest member of our family, asleep in my arms.

Jessica enjoying a nice long cuddle with the little cutie, Cadence. 

My hay fever is officially a cold. I was out most of it most of yesterday. Had to call nan and ask her to drop Jessi at school as I felt like I could barely stand. Then last night a friend is txting me all worried because she'd just been diagnosed with Shingles and was worried maybe I'd get them too as she'd asked me to check them for her. I called HealthDirect and they told me it's unlikely but gave me symptoms to be aware of etc. HealthDirect is a brilliant government initiative! I have used it more than once. Basically it is a 24hr advice line staffed by registered nurses. For those times you're unsure if you need to go to the hospital, or like me last night needing to check the factuality of information my friend was reading on the internet, it's extremely useful. 

In the mail today Jessica and I received an invite from Ronald McDonald House to attend a Christmas party they're hosting in conjunction with ANZ bank called ANZ All 4 One Xmas ExtragagANZa. We'd be invited because we've been registered to stay at RMH before, although we never stayed as they mucked up our booking. I REALLY want to take Jess but it's barely 2 weeks after our trip to Perth for doctors and I can't even afford that trip. I might have to do some major sucking up to my mum!! She will miss more days of school, but at this point is that really an issue?

McHappy Day is just 2 days away Aussies, please get your BigMac and support RMHC. The work RMHC does is magnificent. Until you're in a position to need their services, you really have no idea. You can always donate online, too. 

Nov 13 also marks my nephew Hayden's 2nd birthday!! I am sad we can't be with him on the day, but we will see him soon enough :)