Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunshine and smiles

Spring is definitely here. One day it's lovely and sunny and just touching on too warm, the next it's cold and people are relighting their fires. But those sunny days are definitley enjoyable! On Saturday I took Jessi and her friend Georgina to the park, where we met up with my friend June and her baby girl Tian. My little cousin Shania soon joined us and we had hours of laughs and frolicking and happy kids. I love watching kids play. They're so sweet and mostly innocent. Thankfully Jessica doesn't have friends who tease or call names, the most yelling they do is "watch THIS!" excitedly as they swing like monkeys or climb up the slide without using their feet (that was a tricky feat! but they achieved it).

Jessica and Georgina spent a good hour just collecting gumnuts, which my clown of a daughter kept calling "acorns". Anyone think she watches too many American tv shows?

They climbed on everything in sight.

Tian is just learning to walk, so she got a little grumpy when the big girls ran off and she couldn't keep up, but she was happy all the same and enjoyed raiding their pile of gumnuts!!

Such gorgeous kids! They make me happy :)

On the crafting front I am working on Jessica's Halloween costume. They usually allow them to have a free dress day at school (uniforms are compulsory here, even in public schools). But this year with the 31st being a Sunday I am not too sure. Either way, I will make the costume and see what happens. She finally chose something not a princess, fairy or evil! I keep trying to drum into her that Halloween is about dressing up, not being a vampire or a witch. She came home from nanna's one evening while I was browsing online costume shops, so of course she had to have her say. We went through pages and pages of costumes, her usual likes being the Disney Princesses, anything remotely fairy.. all pretty standard horrible stuff. But she did suggest she liked a 1950's poodle outfit, in amongst all the "mummy, you know I really  like this one" and me reminding her she could like it all she wanted, mummy wasn't buying it. So I took the poodle skirt idea and ran with it! Knowing how easy it is to make, and how she will be unique! I really want her to embrace herself, not be a cliched little copy cat. So, poodle skirt it is! Funnily enough, on my last trip to Perth I found a lot of sewing patterns and even happened to find a poodle skirt costume in Jessica's size! Not that I needed it, but it's fun to look at. I also picked her up a little pettiskirt in Perth to sit under the poodle skirt to give it some dimension.

I bought a new toy, I will have to get some pics and share ;) Jessi loves it maybe even a touch more than I do!  A local entrepreneur is opening up a regular market type thing and I am thinking I need to get my backside into gear and actually make things I can sell. Always a daunting thought for me.