Wednesday, October 06, 2010

In stitches

A shadow work embroidery
 A little embroidery I was working on at my sisters house. Three weeks in someone else's home about drove me nuts! I think the pattern was part of a pattern from and embroidery magazine I got at an op shop (thrift) which I don't have on hand right now. I wanted to try my hand at Shadow Work Embroidery (a really quick search found this tutorial). See how it looks like the ribbon/bow is outlined in a darker purple and subtly filled in a lighter shade? Well, it's all the same thread, but the way in which you work it is what gives that subtle, almost pencil like filled in appearance. The threads are criss crossed on the reverse side of the fabric, and the fabric is sheer, so what you are seeing as the pastel is really just the criss crossed threads showing through the thin fabric. The above photo is the truest representatin of colour.

I really like the design, and the effect. I have no idea what I will use this little stitchery for. My bullions (for the roses) are terrible! It's been such a long time since I embroidered anything and the needle really wasn't appropriate. I actually went to Spotlight and bought the voile, a hoop and cottons (Anchor, because it was slightly cheaper than DMC) and a silver quilters pencil simply to try shadow work, and because I was mega bored! The piece is on a square of voile about 6x6inches.

Jessica's Halloween costume is coming along nicely. The silver fabric (it's sort of like a satin) was a thrift find and I cut a very basic circle skirt. The poodle was supposed to go on a shin length skirt and I was so worried about room for the leash I wasn't paying too much attention as I placed my stencil on and one foot has come off the material. Heck! Umm.. ooooooops :D I had been going to make the entire poodle in felt but it seemed to heavy for such a light weight fabric. Can't say I am loving the patches of felt but Jessica is happy and it's she who has to wear it. I did purchase a diamonte buckle for the "collar" but it too was too heavy (and a good 0.5cm too big). Jessi thinks her poodle needs an eye, so I best find something or stitch one on. The tail was sort of a yoyo (suffolk puff) to give some dimension, as you can almost see in the top right hand photo. The bottom right hand photo is the reverse side of the fabric. As mentioned in an earlier post, I bought a 1950's circle skirt costume pattern in a second hand store, but I didn't use it. They wanted me to cut something like 6 1/4 circle panels. I cut my skirt in one piece. All it needs now is a waistband and a hem (without losing too much foot!) and for me to make her headscarf (out of some lovely spotty chiffon, also thrifted) and maybe, just maybe alter a white t-shirt to match. If not, plain white t-shirt it is. Jessica wont appreciate a bowling shirt and it's a costume, I am just not putting that much work into it. Embroidery floss used on the poodle is the same floss I purchased to make the shadow work embroidery above.

Note to self, buy a bigger embroidery hoop. Six inches is great to manage, but too freaking small for things like the poodle!