Monday, August 25, 2008

Just a-waitin

The mining company called to say their charter is delayed by 30mins so I am just killing time. We're flying with them to Perth so I can take Jess to the dermatologists tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing the specialists but a bit worried they might hospitalise her again. She really doesn't seem to be responding to the latest course of antibiotics (non-main stream as she's resistant to those already!!). She had swabs taken Monday last week and as of yesterday, a full week later, they're still pending. That doesn't bode well in my opinion.

So hopefully we will be home tomorrow, as scheduled on the mine's return charter. If not, who knows when and how we'll be coming home. See the issue here? *lol*

Lets just hope they fix my girl. No 5yr old deserves to live the way she does, then have comments from people that "at least she doesn't have down-syndrome or something like that". I swear to you, often something else would be a blessing for her.

Back soon, I hope :)