Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New wardrobe

I've been sewing again. Well, I was gardening on the weekend but I've really hurt my back and can't get back to it just yet. Neil and I went to Kalgoorlie on Monday and we (together, shock horror) chose some plants for specific places in the garden, and got some weed mat to go under the paving I hope to do when my back feels better. We both got haircuts, our main reason for going out of town in the first place.

Jessi needed a haircut too but she was too sick to drive to Kal with us. Her eczema is shitty in a mega way. She's back on antibiotics which makes me so sad. Her skin isn't improving any and all these antibiotics have to be bad for her. She's gone to school today, under duress! She didn't really want to go, but I didn't really want her to stay home. She's starting to play on the "I'm too sore" thing as well which isn't good. We fly to Perth on Tuesday for a dermatology appointment on the Wed morning so fingers crossed for Jessi. This can't be nice for her cos I know I hate it.

I've made Jess some new clothes. She really doesn't need ANY clothes but I am enjoying the process, the new sewing machine, and I love seeing her in them. Plus, other people's comments when they find out I made it is very nice.
This first one is made from cream polar fleece. I decided about 11am Jessi needed something warm to wear to the disco at the town hall cos our town hall is FREEZING! I really don't know why I did it, but I did. So needless to say I stressed out the whole time, finally finishing it about 3pm. The disco was at 5!! I didn't think to look for a zip before starting and very luckily found just ONE 5" zip in the stash. I never realised I needed a lining either so after cutting out the fleece etc went hunting for something to line the dress with. I ended up finding this huge assortment of slip fabric I had got in an op shop bag of fabrics and which I never thought I'd have a use for. I picked a coral colour and it looks really pretty. I also decided to line the hood, which was not part of the pattern. I've never sewn hoods or lining before so the construction was a bit questionable, and the zip is only the 3rd I've ever sewn!
The dress

The lining

A monkey in a dress

The pattern source and another daggy pic of Jessi. She all but refused to stand up straight and thought she was being cute doing a Hunchback of Notredame performance. I wasn't impressed. She does look cheeky though! *please note, I did not deliberately match the colour of the dress, the hair style or the colour of the tshirt under the dress. It was all coincidence!!
The other completed sewing project is a capri pants and top set. The top I chose because it sits low in the underarms and hoped this would help ease some of the rubbing Jess is experiencing with clothes and it hurts her under the arms. The pants I decided to add a cuff to tie into the top. I've never done a cuff before. It took me ages! It probably would have helped had I cut off the part that was supposed to be hemmed on the pants, but that's only just dawned on me. So yes, the pants are a bit big. I also chopped a few inches off the waist before encasing elastic. No kid wears pants that high these days. I really rushed the casing so I should redo that bit cos I spent a lot of time making sure everything else was neat! I am trying hard to spend more time on the process and the finish rather than just achieving the end result. The floral fabric is some I picked up in Perth at the beginning of the year for 50c a metre at a closing down sale. YAY! Pattern was Simplicity 9276, which I actually got for free! The lady from the local op shop gave me 2 patterns. She said the minute they were bought in she thought I might like them for Jessi. She's very sweet like that.

Last night I was going to sew a wrap dress. The fabric smelt really musty so I threw it in the wash instead and opted to draft the 1964 smock pattern instead. I have all these old Aussie magazines which used to come with free patterns. Most of the ones I have still have their patterns!! The trouble is, the only give you the crucial pieces and you have to draft the rest. SO.. I did. I only have to hem the dress then I will show it off.

Jessica got an invite this morning for her friend Emily's birthday party on the weekend. I asked Em's mum if she needed anything and she said no, but that Emily likes making/drawing/painting etc. What kid doesn't?! I bought some crayons, a plain school style scrapbook and a colour by numbers book. I plan to cover the scrapbook and have sewn a crayon roll for the crayons. It's far from perfect. Quite wonky infact. But Emily isn't going to care! I want to make the girls matching outfits only Em is quite a bit bigger than Jessi (size 6, Jessi is a 3-4) and I just don't have much fabric so I don't know what to make. I guess I could just dig out a handful of Jessi's craft supplies and give them to Emily in a tote bag or something. Jessi has packets of dolly pegs and pipe cleaners etc so it's not like regifting, just dividing!! OOOHH... A little pocketed apron would go so well with that! Hmm.. I may have just solved one problem. Only it means sewing an apron and a bag.
I keep wanting to make quick little things like hair clips but nothing really feels right. I do fiddle with it, but reject most. There will be markets in a few weeks for fathers day, I'd love to have had a stall. Maybe I should aim for Mothers Day cos that gives me til May *lol*. I never have the supplies I need. Living here sux so bad at times like that. I have got to start making some money from my crafts.
Well, I have to go get Jessi from school so I will leave it there for now. Hopefully be back later today to show off the crayon roll and the completed 1964 smock. *LMAO* when does that ever happen ;)
PS. Am waiting for a swap to be announced. My first in AGES!
PPS. (I just had to edit to add this *lol*) LeAnna has bought me German sewing magazines since she leaves to go home to the USA soon, and I also ordered 3 Ottobre magazines yesterday. Woohoo!! LeAnna has got me an Ottobre too, thankfully I only ordered summer/spring ones and she got me the current issue which is autumn. How cool is that!


Melissa Goodsell said...

I love the new clothes, they turned out great! Goodluck with the dermatology appointment too,