Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Jessica has decided that she loves the song "I Am" otherwise known as "We Are Australian". It's been used by telecommunications giant Telstra in advertising in recent years and is now being used on the tv commercials of Telstra NextG having Olympic coverage (mobile/cell phones). Jessi asks me to sing it to her often for this reason. She knows most of the chorus, but as the music on the tv fades in places to allow the voice overs of the ads, she can't catch it all. It's a great song. When sung right it brings tears to my eyes. There was talk in years gone by of changing the Australian National Anthem from "Advance Australia Fair" (which, I am sad to admit, I just had to google for cos I drew a blank!!) to "Waltzing Matilda" which to me is completely appalling. More appalling than me just forgetting the title of the current anthem. Promise. Anyways, why would we change our anthem to something that talks about theft and suicide? Great promotion of our wonderful nation!!! So, if you've got nothing better to do, check out I Am. A song totally deserving of National Anthem status. It covers all the bases, our native people, our convict heritage, the fight to live in such a dramatic and isolated land and our unique and diverse culture. I scoured YouTube for a version of this song by it's originators, The Seekers. Enjoy! I Am/We Are Australian. If you're a more visual person you may prefer this one. Someone's done a marvelous job of making a slideshow to compliment the words, I just don't appreciate the vocal qualities of this one.

While I'm at it, this song, "I Still Call Australia Home" which I think for this ad was sung by the Australian National Youth Choir, is just beautiful. Whoever hosted this on YouTube must have been Asian due to the Asian writing at the end of the clip. The song is 100% Aussie and I can vouch for it's use in the media in this format in Aus some years ago.

One a completely different note, I joined Craftster tonight. I decided to ask for help on some clothing issues relating to Jessica's latex allergy. Being in a completely different timezone to the bulk of users means absolutely no responses yet but I really hope I get some.

I've made Jessica a dress from the white embroidered skirt pictured below. It really needs straps and Jess wants a halter. I'm not so sure about the halter but it might just work. I need to buy some complimentary ribbon to make the straps, whatever they may be. I've cut up the mens button up shirt ready to make another dress. Jessica wore the first one to school today and really adores it. So much so she wants to wear it again tomorrow!! It's nice and soft on her very battered skin. Poor baby hardly has any skin at the moment, and what she does have looks rotten. Bring on the dermatology appointment we have at the end of the month. I need to buy some navy cotton (well, lots of navy cotton) and make Jess some comfortable dresses for school in the uniform's colour. Uniforms are actually compulsory in Western Australia but polo shirts and shorts hurt her skin, she all but refuses to wear pants of any kind, and getting her into some of these clothes is hard when she is so sore.

Oooh.. I found a 5mm crochet hook too. So perhaps now I can finish the doll I started to make some weeks ago, prior to snapping the hook! I accepted the challenge of making a page for a circle journal. A task I've never completed before. Ever. It's about "What can't I live without?" and the only rule is you can't do the page on your family. In the eyes of the journal's owner, that's a given :) So it should be too. I think I will try doing it about crafts. Cos.. well.. I dunno. They just seem like such a big part of my life *lol*