Sunday, March 11, 2007

So much happening, so lil time to comprehend it

Well, after Jessi's last allergy attack which happened on the Monday, we had another on the Thursday! This time it was my own stupid lack of judgement and I fed her carrot cake. Completely forgetting it had walnuts in it! Her lip got sore (not so much swelled, but went a puss-yellow colour), her cheek broke out in hives and her eye went very red. Of course.. straight back to the hospital where she politely puked everywhere!! I spoke to her teachers aid about this as 2 reactions in a week in the home is bad enough, let alone the thought of what would happen at school. So.. she arranged for either the class teacher or herself to be present at meal times, to help ease my mind. I am so grateful to them!

She had school photos on Friday. They called her first for the individual portraits and she scoweled!! Refused to smile or cooperate. She doesn't like being the centre of attention and she had to go first, so she didn't get to see anyone else do it before she had to. One mum Jean had to take her son home. He just wouldn't have anything to do with the whole process. Even the class photo! They did the class photo in the sand pit, 2 kids sitting on bikes and the rest lined up on huge plastic cubes. You know something... My babe is the smallest kid in the WHOLE SCHOOL! They did a whole school photo also, which my girl is also in.

I've crocheted Jessi a fairy "comfort blanket" for those times she is in hospital, or when we go away etc. She likes to have something from home. She loves this blanket already! The pattern was designed by Ferosah Harold ( and her intent was a filet fairy wall hanging. She wrote about my making it in yarn here I didn't ask Jessi to lay like that on the fairy, she asked to lay on it and I said yes to show how big it is, and she splayed herself out. Looks cute huh! The fairy is something like 48" long!!

This weekend was the local horse races. It's gotten very small in years gone by and somehow still manages to be the years #1 social event. There were only 5 horses in most of the races, less horses in a few others. We took along Jessica's friend Chloe. She and Jess seems slightly inseperable these days. Which is nice in a way :) I went out after the races and once again I was invisible. I spent half the night at the table alone as my friends kept going off to gamble, dance, smoke etc. I was almost in tears (they were there but I refused to blink and let them fall) as it was quite clear how "alone" I am. When Cissy wandered off, no one else came near me. They only talk to me when she is about. I hate being so shy!

I must have fairies on the brain at the moment as I have made a little 3D one. It was supposed to be made in yarn, but I made it in thread. The pattern is by Kristen of Kristie's Kreations Etsy store. This is the "Blushing Becca" pattern with a couple of small mods. My first time using "doll hair" and I made a total mess of it....!!! She is about 3" tall.

My friend Jessie from Crochetville has just suddenly lost her hubby. He was found dead by his car. It's so sad as he was only 34, Jessie almost 29 (this week) and their daughters just 5 and 2. I ordered Jessie a nice bunch of flowers and a teddy for each of the girls. I hope she likes them. Flowers seem so insignificant at a time like this. I wish there I were more I could do. I guess it is all up to Jessie now. These are the flowers I bought FTD Big Hug Bouquet (apt name, no?). I wish flowers weren't so expensive! At such a time and so unexpected, it is a lot of money to find.