Thursday, March 15, 2007

Minnee minnee me!!

I've been at it again with the miniatures. I just love them, I think they're super sweet!! No idea what I will do with any of them *giggle*. The rabbit was really fun to make, though I still find it hard to see the "rabbit". It looks more to me like a dog. The bear is all the same pattern but for the ears and tail. I don't like the bear. I think his ears look way too big and sewn on badly. That's my fault though, not the designers. I love love love the bunny tail!! I am so glad she found a way to crochet it and not just stick on a pompom. These are the Lazy Days Set (part 1 of 3) from Kristies Kreations Etsy Store.

I thought it would be interesting to see just how small I could go with oldbaglady's Baby Snow Dragon pattern. This little mauve masterpiece is number 20 cotton and a 1mm hook!!! OMG does it feel like crocheting with little pebbles when that small. Ouchies on the fingers! The little mauve dragon is quite a bit smaller than the ecru one. You know, I don't think I like the mauve one at all. It's disproportioned. I wish there were an easier way to assemble these things as my sewing skills really aren't improving.
This coming couple of weeks there are so many birthdays! My cousin had a baby on Monday morning, Jessie (my friend from Crochetville who just lost her hubby) has a bday on the 17th, my nanna on the 20th, friend Skye on the 21st then April 1st is my friend Helen and my cousin Joseph and I share the 5th. Wonder if my mum will get me anything this year. It was a lawn mower last year. Great pressie but bring on the sewing machine or digital camera!! Jessi keeps asking if it is my birthday yet as we had to keep telling her that Stacey's baby came first. In her lil mind, Stacey has the baby so it must be mummy's birthday already *lol*. Gotta love em!!
Jess had kindy again Wed and I got 2 phone calls. The first asking if I could come down as Jessi had thrown up and said she wasn't feeling well. I told them on the phone it was probably asthma as I wasn't sure if they would have given her ventolin. I grabbed a change of clothes and raced to the school. Luckily all that was dirty was her jumper, so she didn't need the change of clothes. I left them in her pigeon hole just in case! She was fine, she wasn't feeling well but would you after vomitting in front of your whole class? So I sat on the mat with her and the kids and played a while. I asked if I could go home and she nodded and gave me a big hug. She really was fine. I suspect it was the apple she'd been eating at fruit time. Sometimes she can eat a whole apple without incident, and other times it makes her throw up. No idea why as she isn't allergic, I've had her tested. The second phone call was cos I ordered her lunch from the school canteen but they don't have white bread. Something I wasn't aware of. So the teachers aid was wondering if Jess was allowed wholemeal bread. I suggested they don't give it to her as I never have and I am not sure if she would react. They told me they have white bread in the freezer and could make her another sandwich. No need to go back to the school, yay! When she came home that afternoon she told me she wasn't allowed her tiny teddies at recess. I asked her why not and she said Miss Ross said they have hazelnuts in them. I asked her what she ate and she said her tiny teddies. Ok, I was confused. "I thought you said Miss Ross wouldn't let you?". "yeah, but Sharon [teachers aid] said I could". Ok good, at least she ate. Why would they think something I send her would make her sick?? Seriously...
I am a bit crocheted out from all those miniatures. I am not feeling the best emotinally anyway. Been a lot to deal with recently then I got an email. One email and it's thrown out my entire week. I'm not sure what to do. Nanna is in Kalgoorlie getting her eyes operated on. Can't wait til this week is over :D