Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My poor abandoned blog

One would think I had forgotten all about my blog, when infact, I think of it with fondness on regular occassions. Dragging my butt in here to post, now that's another story!!

As has been typical of my recent blog posts, life has been a rollercoaster! Jessi has spent a week in Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth. I've had to accept my bf doesn't want more than to be my friend. My sister is pregnant but has placenta praevia. There's a fire bug in town which is worrying! What concerned me was that the majority of the fires have been within 3 blocks of my home.

On the plus side, Jessica is well now! The doctors and staff at PMH fixed her up in no time and I am so grateful to them. My friend Nichola had a baby boy yesterday and from the photos she's sent through mms he is so sweet! (ok, yes, I love babies so I'm probably bias). My mum gave me use of her VX Commodore (SS, V8, red)! I am so thankful to her. I sold my car for a few hundered bucks and used that to help buy Jessi's essentials like creams, as well as a little gift for us each. Mine was Peaches and Creme yarn from Perth (never seen it in Aus before, so yay!) and Jessi's been getting bits and pieces all over the place. She didn't need anything big.

I want to thank my friends at Anaphylaxis Talk. I've mentioned it before, but it's an Australian Forum/Message Board for people with allergies, eczema, asthma and anaphylaxia. They are so supportive and so loving of one another. During our stay in PMH we got txt's, visits and even a gift from the wonderful ladies at AT. I encourage anyone who needs a support group in Australia for the above mentioned ailments take a look at Anaphylaxis Talk. It doesn't come up in a google search which is sad and frustrating. I was given a link to AT from another message board and it was lucky as the message board I was on didn't come close to fulfilling my needs. AT is where I keep information relating to Latex Allergy including email responses from manufacturers etc. There is a link to Anaphylaxis Talk in the sidebar. The best bit, it is FREE!! Was hard finding a free site, but they are out there..

I have been making clothes for Nichola's 10yr old Kristina's doll. I've sewn a "swimsuit" but it looks like a little a summer sun suit (and totally cute), crocheted mittens and beanie, skirt, shorts, halter, sandals and am sewing a little blanket. I guess it needs a few more things, like a top that matches the skirt, and something warm to wear with the mittens and beanie, and was thinking of making a nappy with some polar fleece or something. Lets see if I can manage to update this later today with some pics :) I'm really pleased with the sun suit and haven't used any patterns for the crocheted items (of course).


Vik said...

Hello Michelle, I´m so very sorry about your daughter... It must had been terrible to have her at the hospital. I pray that all the storm will pass, and the sun will shine again.