Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Busy busy busy..?

Ok, so it appears I keep disappearing! Although I don't "do anything" life seems so hectic. Trying to juggle being me with having a bf (7mths now), adapting to new challenges with my daughter, applying for jobs etc. Not to mention fitting in enough craft to keep me sane!!!

To start, my pop came home in February. It was so wonderful to have him back, watch him laughing and smiling at the kids etc. I say was as we lost him in April. He was such a precious man to me being my great-grandfather, Jessica's great-great-grandfather. It was really hard on me when he passed away, I was in Perth getting Jessi Skin Patch Tested (SPT) at an allerists. I was in Perth when his wife, my great-grandma, died also. It was like a huge kick in the guts. When I got home all my great-aunts were here and an uncle or two. Grandma and pop had 10 kids, 9 of which are living, and they were all here for the funeral. Some of them travelling from the other side of the country.
I will always miss my pop. He was just shy of his 90th birthday when he passed so I wont be too sad for him. He had a long life, saw so much, and was never the same after losing his wife of 63yrs. Loved them both dearly.

So about that SPT... He tested something like 20 things, maybe more. Added a little drop of allergen on her skin then went over them with the head of a needle and ever so slightly broke the skin. We were sent back to the waiting room while he saw the next patient, then called back in. He pulled her arm up onto his desk and counted down, then counted on a list that obviously told him what he tested where. He says "This isn't good". Me, I'm feeling all nervous and stressed as it is, so I replied "thanks for the vote of confidence" looking at my sister with questioning eyes. I was grateful she was there with me when he said Jess is allergic to Latex (NRL). That was fine really, no balloons or rubber gloves. Then he started listing stuff and saying "and she'll probably need elastic removed from her skirts and things, especially her underwear.." which made me rather unsettled. I looked at him, knowing full well what anaphylaia is as Jessi has it to tree nuts and sesame, and asked him "so, this is bad then?" and his reply saw me crying right there in his office, trying so hard to keep my head held high.. "THIS IS THE WORST THING SHE COULD HAVE". I just slumped. Jessi was trying to kiss and hug me not really understanding what was going on. I think my sister just sat quietly, I don't recall her doing or saying anything. When we went back to the waiting room to pay for the appointment a lady we'd got talking to asked how it went, I managed to get out "apparently she's severely allergic to latex" and then started bawling again. The lady says "aww.. don't cry" and that just made it worse!!
On the way back to my sisters house I was in a bit of a daze. Right away I called nanna and had a good cry to her. She was saying to me "be strong for Jessi, don't let her see you upset" and that hurt. I really needed support and worrying that Jessi was seeing me cry wasn't big on my agenda right then. I rang Neil too (my bf) and he was more supportive but also just as gobsmacked as me. His main responses were "shit. oh shit. that's not good". Every 2 seconds I was going "can she even have...?" and just wondering what kind of myriad of things she would now have to be kept away from. All the allergist was able to give me was one brochure from America about latex (NRL), he told me to go home and look it up on the net. Which I did, and that only served to overwhelm me more!! I found and anaphylaxia suport group here in Aus and joined up. The ladies at Anaphylaxis Talk are so supportive of each other, and friendly and welcoming. It's nice to finally be able to talk to others who know what this is like. Most people really don't get it. At Anaphylaxis Talk I have compiled a comprehensive list of products containing NRL as I couldn't find one on the web. Just lots of little ones.
It turns out Pecan reacted really bad too, and cashew. But we already knew she was anaphylactic to tree nuts. I guess she is allergic to almost all of them, and from what I've been reading many people are only allergic to one or two. He didn't test sesame, just took my word for it. The letter he sent back to our doctor also said orange but as he didn't bring it up I'm not too worried about it. He said she reacted to peanut and asked us about it. We told him she eats it, not often but she does eat it, and he said to give it to her 2 times a week. He said taking it from her diet would probably be worse. He wrote a new form for a Medic Alert bracelelt on the spot. It's been a lot to take in but I am getting there.

Nanna bought me a sewing machine for my birthday so I've been playing with it some. While in Perth there was a fabric store relocating and having a closing down sale to do so (why they didn't relocate it I don't know) but I got 25m of fabric for $12.50, jusy 50c a metre!! I was so happy to get such a good bargain. I also went to op shops (thrift shops) and bought remnants and patterns and stuff. Not like I needed more patterns.. I just love them :)

Some slippers from various patterns and a mostly-complete teddy bear I've sewn

I've not really been crocheting or knitting. Done some scrapbooking though. I am wanting to learn bobbin lace, but I want a kit from the Fox Collection and don't have the money for it right now. There is just so much I want to do I don't think I will ever get to do it all!

Some of the scrapping I have done

Neil is talking about moving in with us so I will have to rearrange my house again. Thats an adjustment I want, though I am a little unsure how I will cope with it. I've had 3yrs on my own with just Jessica. Neil lives with his nanna and has never lived with a partner before. Going to be a big learning curve for us both!
I applied for a job a week ago, as a Library Officer in the school. I am pretty confident I will get an interview, fingers crossed I get the job too!


Tatman said...

Are you talking about this bobbin lace kit?

I do NOT recommend you get this particular kit. It is, among the lacemaking communities online and off, to be the kit from HELL. It is not at all correct in the size and slope of the foam board and the bobbins are rough and big. This kit has turned many wanna be lacemakers away. I suggest you try some of these online suppliers that have adequate and MUCH better kits for the same price, if not better:

Just forewarning you and hoping that you have a good time bobbin lacing!!

Mark, aka Tatman