Monday, September 27, 2010

So begins a new chapter

I took this photo of Jessica this morning. My goodness is she growing so fast!! This will be the last gorgeous photo for a while, both her top front teeth are wobbly at the moment. (it looked really washed out so I used "auto correct" in Photoshop Elements and now it looks really odd).

So, I quit my job. It was a decision I didn't want to have to make. It also took me a long time to make it. I realised when the problem person left work, the problems weren't going to go away. My employers refused to recognise the mistreatment and bullying (among other things) that were occurring. It came down to one meeting where, when I got very upset and frustrated and asked to call the meeting short as I could no longer concentrate or put together words, and they said no. I left that meeting and promptly wrote my resignation letter. 

I was due to go to Perth for a week of work conferences just days after I handed in the resignation. Conferences I was REALLY looking forward too and had tried holding out for. As it was, I went to Perth to have a bit of a break and spent some time with my sister, a few nights with my best friend on her 158acre property where we shared breakfast on the porch with the horse, then nanna and Jessi took the train to Perth to meet me as Jessi was due to see her dermatologists.

The dermatology appointment went really well! Her dermatologist delcared her an "Imuran success story". Imuran is the immunosuppressant (azathioprine) Jessica's been on for, well, maybe 18mth-2yrs now. Basically her skin is looking fabulous and it seems the drugs are working!! She does still get boil like sores on her calves and for the first time in 3yrs we were actually able to show these to the dermatologist. She is now back on antibiotics to try get rid of these. It seems she is still carrying a lot of MRSA and it feels like we'll never escape that damn infection.

There is so much I want to say, so many things I want to share. Maybe now I am not working I will be a better behaved blogger and post more often? Who am I kidding! I know my track record ;) I am hoping to start making some items to sell, I have been drafting out patterns (sadly not my own or I'd happily share), cutting out fabric ready to have a big stitching day, and seriously contemplating where my life is headed. I still haven't worked that one out, but for now I am going to enjoy being a stay at home mum once more.