Saturday, August 14, 2010

Organised Chaos

 I owe the biggest, most belated thank you to Kali of

I won a giveaway she hosted way back in, hmm.. March? Yes, I have been a BAD blogger! I am so glad she emailed me to tell me of my fortune, as I had been such a bad blogger I wasn't even reading blogs! There is one item missing from the above photo, a lovely quilted notebook folder. Which I coveted and used right away. Jessica tried sneaking off with the little pink purse (which is for her) and I made her return it until I had taken photos.. ummah that I did not do the same for myself! I will photograph it soon!! I love everything! The fabric used for the little zippered pouch and pocket tissue case is soooo sweet, and those coathangers, omg gorgeous! The little round wooden things are buttons, aren't they sweet? Knowing me I will always be "saving them for good" then in 4yrs time wonder why I never used them. I'm terrible like that. Whether I am reading blogs, or recieve a RAOK like this, one of the first things I do is "OMG!! I have that fabric!". I have no idea why, it seems so stupid. But each and everytime I catch myself doing it. The only fabric I have which Kali used above is the tiny pink and white spotted poplin. I LOVE all the corduroy she used, it's so soft. Check out her blog, she does lovely work and shares tutorials for some of it.

I don't think winter and I really get along. I feel so drained all the time. That said, I feel worse in summer! Hmm.. So I haven't really completed anything. Infact, I've spent so much time with a friend that everything at home has been very neglected. Now I am trying to spend more time at home, she is feeling neglected. Does anyone see the trend here? It's no win no matter what I do.

Jessi had her first ever fringe (bangs) cut into her hair
Jessi's new fringe makes her look a lot older. Well, she is 7 and I guess to her that is very "big girl" but wow.. My own mum didn't even recognise her for a few moments. That made Jess very sad but it highlighted how one small alteration causes such a drastic effect. Her skin's looking a bit nasty again but she's been generally very healthy. She hasn't had any serious problems with her asthma this winter!! We still run backwards and forwards to Perth far too frequently to keep a check on how the immunosuppressants are going in her system. They (currently azathioprine) have some nasty side effects which we've managed to avoid. Jess has finally caught up in school and is now reading with the top of her class. Over the last 2yrs she missed so much due to her health that I was worried she'd lag for some time but she's a determined lil thing and works hard. She likes school. Last week she tumbled, head first, off her monkeybars. Now, that was a little scary! I didn't see it happen but I ran to her when I heard her screaming and when she told me what happened I was a bit wary as she said "my legs feel weak". I took her to the hospital, they went into "neck/back damage" mode and had her in a makeshift neck cuff (small sandbags as we weren't sure what the paediatric neck cuff was made of). She was fine, she is fine. Kids fall down. A lot of people are moving away from town and she's having to say goodbye to a lot of friends. It's been quite disruptive.

We celebrated a first birthday party for Tian (Tee-arn) and my-oh-my was Jessica jealous! We spent a good 2 days with June and Tian setting up the party and Jessi misbehaved so bad! She's usually such a delightful little person. But it soon became obvious an attack of the greeneyed monsted was in hand. She hasn't had a party since she was 4, and she let us all know it!! Because we live in a small town and you're lucky if the supermarket has milk in stock, we found decorations for Tian's cake and the cake decorating activity June wanted the child guests to do, Jess and I spent hours one night at June's dining room table separating licorice allsorts and using tiny tiny cutters to cut out shapes, and I sliced fruitsticks to create little flower shapes. June also had a kids pizza topping activity, and finger painting. Look at what Jessica did to her dress! It was only a $6 opshop (thrift) dress, but it was in great condition and we both loved it. It's now a dig-in-the-dirt-to-your-lil-hearts-content-dress. Not to worry, it's only a piece of clothing and is easily replaced. She wasn't very impressed about me recording the moment!

Above: I am still unable to tame Blogger! Grr! Stupid photos.

A scrapbook page sitting on my desk. Nothing is glued down, I can't decide where I am going with it. Believe it or not, it's been on my desk about 3 weeks and toyed with one or twice. Blergh!

I got a nice, new book. The plan has always been to do some vege gardening. Our house is on a 1/4acre block so we have the room, but do I have the mojo? Moving right along..

Tian's actual 1st birthday present, still a pile of fabric. I have a pattern in a Handmade magazine for a teddy bear made from towelling nappies (diapers) or old towels. June had some cloth nappies that had worn thin and happily gave me a couple without questions. My friends kindly picked me up some Parisian Essence on a trip to Kalgoorlie (they found it easily in Woolworths) and I used an entire bottle to dye the nappies. I added in some vinegar then rinsed with Epsom Salts. Will see if that helps set the colour any. Tian's bday was 10th July.. the photo was taken today, 15th August.. SHHH!

Jessi took this photo of my stepfather and I putting together her cubby house? Did I ever blog about this? I don't recall. Anyways, the house is together, the frame is together. Those 2 pieces still need connecting and the slide and rockwall to be added to complete it. This was bought for xmas 09. Yes, it's now Aug 2010 and she still can't use it.. again with SHHH

So, that's kinda what I have been up to (or not) of late. I have some hyacinths from a friend in bloom which make me smile. She gave them to me the night before she moved away. I have some other bulbs in the ground that seem to be sprouting and an order in for more. I have to go away for 2 weeks at the end of the month and I am really looking forward to it. Work's been a complete and utter nightmare and as pathetic as this is to admit, I don't want to work anymore. I stick it out, but I am beginning to despise it and the more I feel that way the sicker I feel. It's not been fun. My cousins are all pregnant again. By Feb 2011 my four cousins (they all live locally so they're friends too) will have 11 kids between them ranging in age from 12 to newborn and it includes 1 set of twins. My sister and I only have the one each. She's sort of sworn off kids but I've wanted another for so long now. Jessi does too. Well, she wants a brother or a sister lol She can wait at least 15yrs before she has a child of her own!

Once more I find myself glad I didn't share this blog with a bunch of real life people/friends/family. I feel so censored all the time at facebook and such that it's nice to have this outlet.