Thursday, April 08, 2010

Fluffy bunnies (of the non-allergic kind)

My co-worker (of sorts) asked me last year if I could make a rabbit costume for her daughter. They were going to a themed birthday party and the lil lady had her heart SET on a rabbit. Of course she said "I'll pay you" but I never asked her for anything more than a photo.   I couldn't get the pattern I wanted when at Spotlight so I settled on KwikSew 2711 which had a bunny, cat, dog and pumpkin. The ears were supposed to be wired and a headband underneath, I didn't do any of that!I even managed to sew the hood on wrong way round and unpicking overlocking (serger) stitches was too annoying so I literally cut it off and restitched it.
Nothing about it is perfect, it was only to be worn for 1 night. The tail was stuffed with fibrefill, it does up with a few tabs of velcro (hook and loop tape) and simple elasticated wrists, ankles and about the face. As it was a late early spring party I opted to make it in flannel so it was nice and snuggly and she could wear tights and a skivvy (turtleneck) underneath if she needed extra warmth. It was a couple of sizes too big, but that really just added to the cute factor!!!!! I've only just received copies of the pics.