Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bunnies and Bdays

Jessica and I took some time today to stitch a lil rabbit together. We found the pattern at Day to Day but is actually the design of Juliannlaw of Flickr. Jessi is a lefty so I cut out the pieces for her yesterday. We started by stitching on his ears, but the needle I'd grabbed was horrible to pass through the fabric so I did the first ear. After I found a sharper needle, Jessica stiched the 2nd ear with me holding it taught. I embroidered his face, she pulled the needle free. I also made 2 tags from twill tape, one is the date and the other says "By Jessica" so she will always know when she made it. I just used water soluable pen and ironed it. Have learnt the hard way that once you iron those pens they don't budge. At all. Ever! (Jess has a little dress which proves this..).

When it came time to work at the sewing machine her interest waned. She couldn't sit on my lap as the desk is too deep and she had no room for her legs, so she stood in front of me and I sewed and she removed pins. I reduced the stitch speed (love that option on my machine!) thinking she'd be sewing, but she didn't. Just helped guide fabric a few times but was happy taking out pins. When we started turning him right way out Jess rose to the task and giggled a LOT! at one point he had no ears or arms, and the thought that was pretty cool. Finally, onto stuffing. A task she really enjoyed!! To say I was surprised is an understatement. To me it seems the most tedious task, but she loved it. She kept "losing the hole" which made her laugh a lot!

Today is also my 28th birthday. My mum works away on a minesite so I woke up to a call from her this morning. Jessica and Nanna came in not too long later and Jess had chosen me a little teddy ornament which says "A Wonderful Mum". As she had her choice from my mum's entire store, I think she chose well :) Nanna said she could pick something else too, and she opted not to. I like that she was happy with her choice. It's very cute and always nice to have some affirmation. My friends and I went out last night for an Easter dinner a local motel's resturaunt put on. It was $35 for the buffet meal and made for a nice change.
The food was nice enough, I actually felt they could have done better and that the presentation of the room was lame. The bain-marie was in a room all by itself. The rest of the room was empty, and it was a huge room. It looked really sad! For desert they had meringue, pavlova and a fruit platter. A little disappointing to have meringue and pavlova when they're practically the same thing! Cissy didn't even eat desert. She waited til we got back to her house and ate an easter egg instead. So she, Helen and I then watched a DVD and I was in bed by 10pm. Been incredibly tired of late.

When we went outside to take a photo of Jessica's bunny creation, she asked me to watch her on the swingset, which is very typical of her. Swingset, climbing frame, dancing across the floor.. it matters not! She likes you to give your undivided attention. So she was her typical monkey of a self and was showing me how she could cross and uncross her arms while hanging from the top of the swingset. She rarely uses it to swing!! (and yes my yard is a dust bowl. I got tired of playing super-mum and opted to let it die! Though that's only what was lawn, the garden beds [for the most part] are doing well).

Jess must have some real upper body strength. All she ever does is hang from things. She was counting blisters on her hands in the car the other day, I think she said 21 over both hands. Sheesh!!!