Sunday, March 15, 2009

A new look

Well, I spent hours at BTemplates this evening to find a new look for my blog. I am loving this design! I love that it is wider, that it has my prefered 2 columns, that it's softer on the eyes than the last template etc. My own dislike is that the date is not lining up in it's box, but it's so small it hardly matters. I would have prefered some tabs or drop down menus like the last teplate had to neaten up my side bar, but it's no biggie! I just like a clean and uncluttered blog.

When visiting other blogs I really hate clutter. It drags at the download and takes a while. I dislike music on blogs! When I am on my computer I have my own music going, music *I* like. Why do I want to hear 5 different lots of someone else's likes when I have blogs open? I blog surf, I click from link to link to link and save that which I like, move on from what I don't. If I start to hear music chances are I'll move on. If the page takes a month of sundays to open, I'll move on. If you have more content in your side bar than in your blog, again I'll move on. Why do people do that anyway? It's not like they spend time on the front page of their blog to benifit from the music and all the crap they put there, is it? I don't know. I sure don't.

Thankfully, it seems I still had a lot of my pics on my old computer, so I've not lost everything, just everything since getting a new computer some 2yrs ago. I'm still sad. I emailed Sandisk, and while I'm not holding my breath for a response I'm still hopeful. If not, maybe one of my computer tech friends can work it out. Curse computers!

A cute pic, just cos!
Out on the tramp with mummy and honorary Aunt's Cissy and Helen until 11pm! There was no way Jessi was missing out on anything. I am still surprised she managed to stay awake so long.


Riss :) said...

loving the new look.. can't wait to see your next post :)

Sweet Mama Jones said...

Beautiful new layout! Just popping by from Crochetville & thought I would say hello and not just be a lurker. ;)