Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little pretties

Last night Jessi kicked me off the computer. How I hate that! *lol* But it was a good excuse to go do something! I grabbed some scraps of fabric and stiff interfacing and finally made myself one of these

I didn't have any ink for a long time to be able to print the template. I like the little dish, it's very sweet. It's cloudy today so the lighting is either poor or washed out with flash, sorry. I sewed the tacks on the wrong side, I had intended for the green fabric to be inside the bowl and the bright patterned fabric to be on the outside. Oh well :) It doesn't matter all that much.
Photobucket Photobucket
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After Jess went to bed and I had regained my precious computer, I sewed yet another pocket tissue case while chatting to friends. This is cute, but it looks tacky! Again, the photos aren't wonderful, sorry.
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This is the pattern I used for Jessica's dress for the races
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I didn't use cased elastic in the sleeves due to Jessica's latex allergy, so I made cuffs with bias binding. I've never done cuffs before, so that was interesting. I sewed 3 little hearts onto the bottom of 3 of the pleats but they don't show up too well in the pics.

On a really really sad note, it seems my thumb-drive has stopped working! In fear of this I had JUST bought a portable hard drive and now can't transfer anything to it. Please, does someone have any suggestions? ALL of my digital photos are on that thumb drive *cries* There's a good 3yrs worth *sobs uncontrollably* I have tried it on another computer, I am googling to try find solutions. Basically, the red light isn't coming on and the computer isn't recognising it. I have noticed that the device is getting mighty warm in the moment's it's plugged in. It's a Sandisk U3 8GB Micro. I am so sad right now. Best I go read my new Handmade magazine to feel better.


TattingChic said...

What a darling flower bowl! I went and checked out that link for the tutorial you provided. Very cute! I like your tissue holder! It's not tacky at all! It looks like the perfect thing to tuck in your purse or keep in the car. I'd love one of those.
Jessica's dress is super darling! Her skin looks like it has cleared up, poor little thing! How sweet that you used something different to protect her skin from the latex allergy. How thoughtful of you.

Are you still tatting?

Shell said...

Thank yoy, you're very kind :) Aren't the little bowls sp sweet? I love them! Have had that bookmarked for ages now. The tissue thingy is just felt and some candlewicking cotton to sew the edges. It's ok I guess. I prefered the fabric ones in the post below.

I am so pleased to read your comment about Jessica's dress. It's nice to know people still appreciate handmade. We have had so many great comments about that dress!

I haven't tatted in a while. I picked some up a few months back with the intention of making just *something* but it was too hot and my rings wouldn't close due to the moisture in the thread from my hands. Maybe now it's cooling down would be a good time to get into it again. Might buy myself some new thread, just for inspiration purposes!! hehe

Thanks again!

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