Friday, October 10, 2008

The creative in me emerges

Ok, so once more it has been forever since I have blogged. I do think regularly about blogging, life just gets in the way. That, or the thought of penning words is really off putting! I have been semi-active recently. Something I am finding quite difficult at this point in time. I am feeling very angry about my break up and can't look back on the past year with anything but bitterness. No, it's not healthy and I know that. I am doing a pretty good job of moving on only there is little to move too. I had a deep and meaningful with a friend last night and we both agreed small towns are bad for your self esteem! There's no where to go, no one to meet etc.

On to the fun stuff! First off, my cousin celebrated her 21st last weekend and Jessica and I made her a little something. The pattern was from an American patchwork mag I bought on a whim. Why, cos I just saw the pic of this on the front and had to have it! It's not a bad mag either. I don't patchwork, but there's ideas and other patterns in there I may just use.

My cousin Jaimie, Nanna, Jaimie's little boy Blake, and my Jessica (yes she was nervous being that close to a balloon - Latex Allergy)

Jaimie's Bird

So then LeAnna requested one, and Jessi wanted to make one for our nan, and I'd made another just to see if I could sew it better. Cos really, my sewing is amateur!! And my handsewing (ie, closing stuffies) is so poor, and so visible. I will get better I know. The beaded hangers on a couple of those birds were made by Jess. I cut open some basic wire bracelets, twisted an end and let Jessi thread on beads, then looped the other end through the first to close. She LOVED the beading process. She also really enjoyed making the pink bird for Jaimie. By the time we got the the other birds she was more bored with the process.

I gave Jessi some scraps while I was cutting out and she was saying "flutter flutter flutter like a butterfly" (among other things which I wasn't really listening to as I was busy cutting). When I heard her talking of butterflies I asked to have her pieces a moment, and laid them on the work surface with 2 points together and said "it does look a bit like a butterfly, if you put this [bobby pin] here.." which is where she piped in "for a body!! yeah, yeah, do it like that!" so she snatched it up and tried threading the two points onto the bobby pin. They wouldn't stay. So mummy hand tacked the bobby pin to the bits of fabric! Butterfly has since gone to visit at nannas the weekend with Jess.

I also made a little owl. This little guy was made using ideas gathered from viewing other blogs. I spend hours some days/nights just pulling up blogs, clicking their links and looking at more blogs. There are some totally wonderful people out there sharing their work with us. I think the two who inspired my little owl most were SquirrelMomma (found via Softies Central) and LuckyKate Crafts. No patterns, no clear idea how to cut the shape. I literally sat down with felt and scissors and got this little guy. Clearly, he needs some darts at the bottom, and an inserted base so he can stand. Otherwise he is totally cute!! Dunno what to do with him now though *lol*

Also from LuckyKate Crafts I fell in LOVE with her tooth fairy doll with pocket for the tooth (and the cash) to be stowed safely. I think it would be easier to convince my little munchkin no imaginary tooth fairy or otherwise would be coming anywhere near her in her sleep to snatch a tooth from under her pillow. No matter how much she loves fairies AND money! The only reason Santa is allowed to sneak into this household is because he doesn't go near the bedrooms *lol*. She hates people in costume. I have a strange child cos she herself loves dressing up!! So to tell her to put the tooth in the pocket and the doll where she felt comfy would be a heaps better option.

Here is my doll (not nearly as gorgeous as Kate's!)
Mind, I did make her at 11pm or something ridiculous. The gorgeous stripy fabric is a scrap of a fat quarter so the pocket isn't doubled like I think Kate's is, I had to hem it (YUCK!). I also had a hard time finding a piece which the lines were even with those on the skirt. I thought it would look pretty messy if they didn't line up. I again freehand cut this. First sewed the pink to the stripes, then cut the doll. I had NO IDEA how to do the hair.. At all! It's a bit messy but looks cute enough. I don't think I stuffed the doll enough either. The tooth is take 2. The first one looked more like a heart with 2 points *lol* again cutting freehand at 12:30am! I don't recommend this peoples. I should have put the doll down to finish in the morning, but I just couldn't. Once I'm on a mission... Her eyes look a bit like they have an Asian influence (I mean absolutely nothing derogatory, just a description). Hand sewing is not my forte. As you can plainly see. I'm going to try out the plastic eyes I bought a while back but I didn't want to waste them on my prototype.

How sweet is this. Jessica asked if we could save the tooth fairy doll for "our baby". When asked what baby, she said for when we have a baby. Aww.. how cute! Poor kid is going ot be waiting a while, and I am surprised she didn't ask for the doll. She's not lost a tooth yet.

I've been making a variety of dummy clips (pacifier, soother chains to those international friends). They're getting near impossible to buy in the shops now days (no idea why when you have 20 different dummies to choose from!) and I thought my sister could use some for her baby due in November. Well, I started making them for my nephew, but soon decided to play around with them more. I've really enjoyed making these! It keeps me busy for a while. The ceramic dummy being used here is something we have for sale in our toy shop. I have one of each colour and our toy shop has tons of them! We blind ordered once and got some crazy items, these dummies included. At least *I* have a use for them *lol* No idea why someone would buy one... I also figure these chains could be used as pram/stroller/push chair/buggy toy savers buy looping the end which is currently on the dummy around a strap, bar etc on the pram and then clipping the other end to the toy/blanket/bib that baby is likely to toss from his or her pram. Pity we can't clip socks to little baby feet!!

A couple of weekends ago our local Volunteer Firebrigade held its centenary. I decided last minute to go and managed to scrounge up something semi-decent to wear. As a broke,single stay at home mum I have very little call for "after 5 wear" *lol*. This is my friend Cissy and I. I have the specs (oh hold on, I said that to an international friend once and they didn't have a clue what I meant. Specs is Aussie slang for glasses. aka, spectacles). I don't usually enjoy going out but I had good fun this night. And my cousins Jaimie and Joseph had me drinking Riccadonna. Of which we went through some 5-6 bottles! I wouldn't say I was drunk, but I don't usually drink, so I felt pretty odd. And I must say, I don't like how alcohol makes me feel.

I was really proud of how I did my hair that night with just the mirror I am using for the pic. I didn't have a second to hold behind me to see what I was doing so I am stoked with how it looked!! I just twisted and pinned :)

Oh, and I am TOTALLY inspired by Sewing Stars!! She does the most amazing works and everything looks so tidy and professional. Not to mention how jealous I am of her ability to draw/paint. Her little graphics are right up my alley! Insired as I am, I have asked a friend if she might be able to design me a versatile little graphic. I want to try selling some things and I want them to look professional. Like Sewing Stars work. I literally sat and went through every page of her blog, admiring her work, ooh'ing and ahh'ing over things and wishing I could draw. I would pay someone like Teresa (Sewing Stars) to design me some graphics to use, if I had any money. That would be the point of trying to sell some things, to help supplement my extremely minimal income (think less than $15,000AUD a year). Great stuff Teresa. Thanks for the eye candy!


agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

wow thanks for visiting my blog, so glad you did cause i think we were separated at birth! i love your creations. i am the same as you, you can see my closing stitches but i am sure i will get better with time. i too love blog surfing and often spend time better spent doing house work;0) , visiting one blog and from there visiting someone on their list etc... i havent read all your blog cause i have to go to the markets but i will be back. xx rosey