Friday, June 08, 2007

It's busy busy in my household right now!

For the first time in a long while I felt like making some Kelly doll clothes. All of these are my own originals, all crocheted off the top of my head at the time of picking up the hook. I love the overalls the most! The purple/white outfit I was going for a sporty outfit, maybe like a jogger or yoga or something but I don't think I quite got there. Will work on it a bit more and see what I come up with. The purple dress was just playing about and all of a sudden I had a skirt so I reattached where I started and made a top half too. Looks pretty dressy huh! Have been contemplating pattern writing as I really could use extra $$ (who couldn't!) but it's so daunting. I like to just crochet.
I came across a hosting site I'd never seen before called and in there I found wonderful folders full of tatting patterns. I especially like the work by Terri Dusenbury. This is 2 letters from her Butterfly Alphabet. Terri used a lot of joins in her work and as I am lazy and hate (make that despise!) sewing in ends I made both in one piece with a few extra split rings. The J is of course for Jessi and will probably be used on a scrapbook page in the not to distant future. It's made with an unknown size 20 thread and about 1.5" tall. The P is for Pauline, a lady on the tatting along thread I started at Crochetville as she liked the J so much. It's made with size 70 tatting thread and is only about 1" tall. Both are very cute!! I started to tat Jane Eborall's Large Sea Horse but realised my threads were two different sizes... oops *lol* Will go back to that one!
I received the MOST AWESOME RAOK the other day (Random Act of Kindness) from some sneay fairy god-kitties at Crochetville. 17 skeins of Bernat Cottontots which I must say is sooooo lovely and soft, not to mention gorgeous colours plus a Kool Kids cottontots pattern booklet; 6pk Boye steel hooks; Scat cat Beanie Baby for Jessi; 12 pks of scrapbook stickers (too cool!!); and 33 scrapbook papers in a project protector! I am soooo overwhelmed and feel so lucky! I love so many of the papers and sat to scrap with them the other day only to decide my workspace was too untidy and I needed to do something about that first. I am looking for a knit pattern for the cottontots and goodness knows what I will make with it all. It's so nice I'de like tojust keep it to look at *lol* I also feel as though I must have made a very positive impression to someone on the 'Ville and that makes me feel very happy indeed!
The above dragonfly will be my next tatting pattern if and when I write it up. I think I can make a few modifications to it before I share and writing it wont be fun! I will also modify it so there is a two wing "in flight" version and a 4 wing "specimin" version. I hope!

More of my tatted dragonflies and a heap of lil fishes. I like both! Will be great on cards or scrapbook pages etc. The grey thing is a Kodak film canister lid for size reference. The fish pattern was found online somewhere.. Can't think of where at the moment.
All pics [should] be clickable.