Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My first free pattern, a Tatted Dragonfly!

Tatted Dragonfly

Required: one shuttle wound with thread (will be great to use up shuttle ends)

start your ring with a 8-10" tail thread

R 3-----2-----4-4-----2-----3
C 12 (you are making the chain with the tail you left)
Cut central picot at the peak

In long terms it would be;

Make a ring of 3ds, very very long picot, 2ds, very very long picot, 4ds, small picot, 4ds, very very long picot,3ds
Chain 12 with the 8-10" tail you left
Cut central picot (or small picot)

Now, I didn't sew in my ends as they're at the base of the tail I knotted them, added a tiny amount of glue, twisted them together and then cut 1mm from the knot. It made it look like the tail tapered off.

DISCLAIMER: This pattern is copyright to me, Michelle Robertson. I do not authorise you to post this pattern anywhere but you may link to it here on, can also link to the Crochetville post You may use your dragonflies in anyway you please (including sale items) but DO NOT sell my pattern, nor take credit for it yourself.


Lucy said...

That is adorable. That is one thing I've never attempted..tatting.

Krystal said...

Your dragonfly is beautiful! Great work!