Thursday, November 28, 2013

For Luck

I am not sure where the "Lucky Horseshoe" tradition started, nor why it was picked up by brides, but I was more than happy to tat a horseshoe for my best friend's wedding. It was the one thing she asked of me. Keep in mind, much like an elephant's trunk a horseshoe is only considered lucky when the open end is up. If it is the other way around all the luck runs out. 

My friend's bridal colours were white, black, red and hints of silver. She had black ribbon printed with their names but it was too wide to use. This horseshoe is tiny, even though I tatted it in size 10 thread. Not a thread most people choose to use for shuttle tatting. It was barely visible against her dress but I did almost cry during her ceremony when I saw her holding it. I know, I know! 

The pattern is Nancy Tracy's "Tatted horse shoe"

I also made a few dozen cupcakes for the reception as it was family catered. I found a ceramic "cookie stamp" in a homewares store and thought it would probably work to emboss fondant. It sure did! $5 well spent. I made the cupcakes, fondant and butter cream icing, the cupcake cases were purchased, as was the black "writing icing". Given these were made as an after thought the night before the wedding I am reasonably happy with them.

I let my 10yr old loose with the camera while I did all the hair for the wedding (bride, 3 bridesmaids and flower girl) and she captured this lovely shot of me doing my friend's hair. I prefer candid pics to posed and I am loving this shot. Very natural.