Monday, September 16, 2013

Lots of lacy crosses

I posted the pictures of my other crosses on Facebook, and very quickly had a friend request one made for her daughter's confirmation.I made 5, as I felt she should be able to choose the one she liked best. I had a few major catastrophes, some false starts and plenty of unpicking (and unpicking tatting is NOT fun, especially opening rings!). All of these crosses are very small, from top to bottom no bigger than 12cm. Very fine shuttle tatting with non-traditional threads. Pattern credit to Rachael Mohler. Of course, I changed it up a little to suit myself. The other pattern is very similar to one by Sharon Albers, though I did not follow a pattern when working on those crosses.

You can barely make out the frosted glass delica beads running up the centre of this cross. Tatted with 3 strands of rayon thread. 

 By far one of my favourite, this gorgeous pink cross with white seed beads is so bright and fun! It was choice #2 of the parents who requested the cross. 

There are some major issues going on with this cross, the biggest of which was making one repeat too many on the top of the cross, throwing out the proportions. I also hate the mottled effect. It reminds me of denim and I think it looks cheap. 3 strands of aqua, 1 off white strand of rayon thread.

The parents of the young lady about to celebrate her confirmation chose this vibrant purple cross, tatted in 2 strands of a rayon thread. I only wish I had dome something different with the tail, as I plaited this and I can't say I love it. 

I love the colours in this blue cross, and the picots delight me. I am such a fan of the more traditional tatting. I truly shy away from split rings and self closing mock rings. Not because I don't love innovation, nor that I can't do them, I guess I am a traditionalist when it comes to tatting. I prefer the picots over beads, it looks like it should (IMHO). Tatted with 2 strands of cotton thread.