Friday, January 02, 2009

The kindness of bloggers

Lady Shuttle Maker is having a giveaway on her blog that I just HAD to enter! I have always drooled over her work at her Etsy store!!

She asks that we link to her on our blog and I am going to do this in a post as I like to keep my blog "clean" of the million possible links I could have cascading down my sidebar. I frequent so many fabulous blogs and draw much inspiration from so many people for a myriad of different crafts. They all deserve a special place really..

Check out Lady Shuttle Maker's blog;
Not only does she make brilliant ceramic shuttles, she does some amazing tatting work also. I really must start tatting again. Once the heat dies down that is!

And of course, the direct link to the competition
Tatting Tales ~ All things Tatting (It's an obsession): Ceramic Tatting Shuttle Giveaway