Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Toys galore

I was asked if I would like to test a pattern for KristieMN at Crochetville after commenting how Jessica is totally into her "babies" at the moment. Kristen had said she already had the testers she needed so I was really surprised to get a PM asking if I would like to test too. Of course I said yes! I just adore Kristie's patterns!!

Here is Hallie, a BackPack Baby pattern by KristieMN which I imagine will be available at her Etsy Store Kristie's Kreations just as soon as she has all her testers results. I haven't done the bear as I still can't find a smaller hook! Hallie is the name Jessica chose for her new doll.

Also completed 2 cute balls. So quick and easy. So much so that I even embroidered on them just for the sake of it! Basically just cat balls with bells inside crocheted over which means they jingle when shaken, rolled, throwed etc. I think I will be making these and stashing them to sell when markets come up etc. Only thing is that I need to get to a discount store to buy them. The larger balls at the local supermarket are 2 for $4 (almost) and the smaller ones $4 (almost) for 4! So quite pricey really!! The colours in these balls are the same as Hallie but as she was photgraphed inside in the evening her colours aren't shwing as bright. These are a truer representation of colours used. I will probably send one of these balls to my friends little girl Hayley for her 1st bday which is fast approaching. I made her a toy when she was little that she loves, will keep it up as a tradition *lol*

And last but not least, I am so proud to show you Barbie in a mermaid tail that is all my own work! This took me days!! I am really very pleased with it and owe so many thanks to Vicki for sending me the colour of cotton I wanted all the way from Washington state USA! I have wanted to make a mermaid since I was on that real Barbie kick for Jessica's bday this year and just didn't have what I felt I needed. So heaps of thanks and love to ya Vicki for rescuing me!

Right now I am working on a top for Jessi. I would have finished already but I made the first piece too small so have to make another. Not to worry. The small one will likely become a halter, also for Hayley's birthday :D Where there is a will there is a way! And I waste little!! I will show them off once complete. I don't like showing half objects. Spoils the surprise. Oh, these are all my own design too which makes it so much more rewarding.

I decided to start getting this house of mine organised yesterday. What a disaster, but also a lot achieved. I moved the fridge and I tell you what.. I wish I hadn't done that. I was trying not to puke while scrubbing the floor under it. So relocated the fridge and the pantry which allows me to then move the tv and couches etc. You see, so much in my house needs something done before something else can progress and that's a lot of the reason I just leave it be. Totally reorganising things creates a huge mess. Right now you can barely walk through my kitchen, simply because to move the other cupboard that was in there I need to move things in the living room to put it in there. Some of those things from the living room need to go into Jessi's toy room which isn't even in existance yet. Ahh.. the joys! *lol* anyways, I got some done. Will get to the rest soon I suppose. It needs doing and I need to stop procrastinating about it. That simple.


Lesalicious said...

Love that backpack with the doll so cute. Great work. I came across your blog and wanted to tell you that I have a board and would like to invite you to the board. My board is called Crafty Chicks its for all kinds of hobbies. So check it out and hope to see you on the board if you have any questions. Lesalicious is my username. http://craftychicks.proboards52.com/index.cgi

SB&C said...

Hi Shell!! Love those balls!!!
Mother_figure has a cat (one of two) who might love one... will have to get crocheting for the animals again!!!


eve-jank said...

Very nice